African Rains & a Book Sale

It’s been a while, but do I have news!

First, it started raining in Kenya.

This is big news! We’ve just had two months of hot, dry, dusty weather. Everything was wilting, farmers were complaining and my garden was on the verge of death. So I’m thrilled the rains have started.

I’m even more thrilled to let you know that Ghosts of Tsavo rocketed up the charts last week. Seriously, just take a look below:

Ghosts of Tsavo Bestseller

Yup – I’m pretty chuffed right about now. Ghosts of Tsavo just jumped up from nowhere to #3 in the Historical Fiction Bestseller category. Overall it was in the top 500 of the Kindle store. That’s awesome considering there’s well over a million books in there! I don’t know how long it will stay free, but hop on over and buy it here.

And last but not least: Book 2 is out. The Automaton’s Wife continues the misadventures of Mrs Knight and her motley crew of African paranormal friends.

It’s available for pre-order at the crazy cheap price of $0.99, but only until 17 April. After that, the price goes up and stays up. So don’t miss this chance. Buy “The Automaton’s Wife”.

Don’t forget to rate the books on Amazon. Anyone who posts a review is eligible to receive free short stories, each of which contains secrets from the series. Just email me with your review and I’ll send you your thank you gift.

‘Til later


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