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Old Land, New Story

If I tell you I’m an African, what comes to mind? Poverty? War? Genocide? Lions and elephants? Black people living in primitive grass huts? We think in stereotypes, but reality is so much more complex and therefore more beautiful. The

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electricity is overrated

Have you ever heard someone describe a house as having “lots of character”? You do know what that really means, right? Well, we didn’t when we rented our first home in Nairobi. But boy, did we find out the hard

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foolish roads & foolish book promos

As some of you may know, I have a ‘day’ job (sigh). I work with the Transport Unit of the United Nations Environment Programme. My tasks include providing advise to governments on fuel and vehicle standards, in between writing stories

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Horsing around

One of my favorite characters in the Society for Paranormals series is Nelly. While she doesn’t say much (horses generally don’t), Nelly still makes her presence known. Beatrice Knight was given the flatulent horse as a gift, and we all

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more monkey business

What’s inside: monkeys (you know how I feel about them) + more book deals It turns out that African kites aren’t the only predators interested in weaver bird eggs. A few days ago, something leaped into the trees by our

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