a Japanese teapot + a dead bride = what?!

During this year’s annual migration to North America, I bought a Japanese teapot. It’s been a dream of mine to buy one, and now I have! It’s made of cast iron with an oxide green coloring, and has two delightful cups to go with it. I love it.

I’m not the only one who does. Miss Knight adores teapots of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. As some of you know, the intrepid paranormal investigator has opened her very own tea shop in colonial Nairobi. She’s determined to move on with her new career. All goes well until a dead bride shows up amongst the teapots. How terribly inconsiderate.

I’m super excited to let you know that we (finally) have a launch date for “Murder for Tea“, the first book in the Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery series. Get ready to make a pot of tea and re-enter the world of African mythology, Victorian etiquette, colonial intrigue and, of course, ridiculous amounts of tea.

Assuming we don’t have a zombie apocalypse (always a possibility), a meltdown of the Internet (I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet) or any other inconveniences, “Murder for Tea” will be available at all the usual online stores on 19 July 2017.

Cheers, and Long Live Tea.

PS: The Book Blurb is below.

Murder is brewing: While Beatrice Knight Timmons is part witch, the only thing she’s interested in nowadays is tea, and copious amounts of it. But that isn’t the only thing boiling in her life. No sooner does she open her very own tea shop in the small town of Nairobi, someone with a vendetta against young brides murders one and leaves the body in The Cozy Tea Shoppe. With her best friend’s wedding only weeks away, can Miss Knight stop the murderer while babysitting a monkey and serving difficult customers?

This is the first case in the “Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery” series, where Jane Austen meets Lara Croft in colonial Africa. Tea isn’t the only thing that’s brewing in the delicious sequel to the “Society for Paranormals” series. Join supernatural detective Miss Knight as she attempts to keep the kettle hot and her customers satisfied (or at least alive) while dodging murder, mayhem and other inconveniences. Serving tea has never been more dangerous.


How many water sources does one house need?

A week after my daughter was born, a flash flood wiped out Nairobi’s water supply. For four weeks, our taps were dry. Fortunately (and somewhat ironically), it was the rainy season.

Collecting rainwater is somewhat tiresome but we managed. Every time it rained, whoever was home would run outside and place buckets strategically around the house. As soon as a bucket was full, we’d lug it inside and pour the contents into the downstairs bathtub.

After a month of towel bathing and refilling the cistern every time we flushed a toilet, we were ready for the miracle of indoor plumbing. It was awesome to have a shower again.

Our current home has three water sources: city council water; a private borehole managed by our street association; and several water tanks around our property. This is vitally important. After all, it is pointless to have electricity if you don’t have water for the kettle. And a dry kettle means no tea. Without tea, there is nothing but darkness and chaos.

Speaking of tea, I’m giving away 3 African cozies to cover your tea (or coffee) pot. If you’ve already entered, awesome! Remember to share with family and friends to increase your chance of winning, plus look for the confirmation email (it might have landed in your Spam box); you need to click the link to confirm your entry. For more details and to see what the cozies look like, visit here.

On another topic entirely, a friend of mine is releasing Blood Renegades, the newest book in her Rebel Vampires series. If you enjoy Gothic literature (think ‘Anne Rice’), you’ll love her series. And for this week only, Blood Renegades is only 99c!

Light – rebel, lover, anti-hero – will be burnt at the stake in fourteen days. In a hidden, paranormal London, he’s been branded a traitor and terrorist Renegade. He must now make the ultimate choice: to hide in the shadows. Or walk into the light… Betrayal. Death. Hope. Take what you know about vampire romance and throw it away. See what everyone is raving about here.

Cover that Teapot!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Murder for Tea, case 1 in The Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery series, I’m giving away three handmade, African tea cozies.

Cover your pot with one of these beautiful creations; it will keep your tea or coffee warm while bringing a touch of Kenya into your home. Keep reading for entry details.

“The Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery” series continues the adventures of Beatrice Knight and her wacky friends in the small town of colonial Nairobi. The first book, “Murder for Tea”, introduces The Cozy Tea Shoppe in which tea isn’t the only thing that’s brewing.

You don’t have to finish the “Society for Paranormals” books to start this new series (although I would recommend it!).

Enter to win one of these three beautiful, handmade, African tea cozies.

Enter here: http://veredehsani.co.za/giveaways/cover-that-teapot/.

The more you share, the greater your chance of winning.


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It’s raining rats

It’s the rainy season in Kenya (there are two a year), and you’ll seldom hear Kenyans complain about the arrival of the rain. We view it as a blessing. Everything greens up, the air is fresh, the crops grow, rainbows brighten the sky… you get the picture.

Not everyone likes the rain though. The rats living in the gutters, for example: they don’t appreciate being flooded from their homes. One such evicted family decided to move into MY home a couple weeks ago. Every evening, they come out from their new nest and run all over the house. It’s no joke when you walk into your kitchen, flip on the light and stare into the eyes of a rodent licking your plate clean.

At this point, I wish I had a hungry lion. Speaking of which, I learned from Emmanuel Paz that Kenya isn’t the only country blessed with man eating cats (as per the story in my last email). The man eaters of Njombe (Tanzania) were a pride of lions that devoured over 1,500 people in the first half of the 20th century. The British colonial government was trying to control the rinderpest virus which was killing livestock. To stop the virus, the government hunted down zebras and other wildlife. The poor lions were starving. I wonder how they’d feel about rats?

While you ponder that question, check out these free mysteries (+ an Amazon gift voucher giveaway): http://lovekissedcozies.com/reader-giveaways/may-free-for-all/. The giveaway closes sometime on 12 May.



PS: let me know if you have any tips to get rid of rats!

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3 reasons why a lion would eat you

As you know by now, the first book in the “Society for Paranormals” series, Ghosts of Tsavo, is based very loosely on historic events. In 1898, two lions took it upon themselves to devour a number of men. You can imagine how upsetting it was for those men who came to East Africa to build the railway, not to be eaten by the wildlife.

These ravenous lions with a taste for human meat were stopped only when a British soldier, Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson, shot and killed the deadly pair near Kenya’s Tsavo River. More than a hundred years later, a chemical analysis of the lions’ hides suggested that they ate about 35 people.

Now I’m going to share with you the science behind the facts. (Thanks to Sherri Turner for sharing the Washington Post article with me.)

Just to set the record straight: most lions don’t eat people. In fact, the King of the Jungle is actually a lazy cat who would rather spend up to 20 hours a day lounging around under the shade of a thorn tree. However, the two man eaters of Tsavo had different ideas. But why?

A recent study analyzed the grooves on the lions’ fangs. The conclusion: these lions preferred hunting live humans because human meat is softer than the alternatives.

One of the lions (the one with a particular preference for soft food) was missing several teeth and had a severe tooth abscess. Ouch.This would have made it too painful for the Tsavo lion to subdue typical prey, hence the change in menu. No more zebra; humans are way easier!

Of course, it wasn’t just dental issues that pushed the lions to a new food source. There was also a lack of natural prey due to a cattle plague combined with a drought. With the building of the railway, an influx of new food filled in the gap: soft-fleshed humans.

The moral of this story is simple: stay indoors when there are hungry lions about. And while you’re stuck inside waiting for the lions to eat someone else, maybe you want to load up on some books to pass the time.

What better way than to check out the current deals being offered as part of a giveaway? Just head on over here – https://www.rrbookdeals.com/current-deals.html – and scroll down to find something delicious. Plus there’s the giveaway at the bottom of the page.

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Well, that’s it from me. I’m now going to venture outside. Let’s just hope the lions have wandered away into the neighboring forest…



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