Cover Reveals!

ASpider Kindle coverWell, here it is: the cover for A Spider Comes Calling! Who wouldn’t be excited about an elephant-sized arachnid lurking in the garden?!! Case 6 in the Society for Paranormals is full of the (un)usual suspects, the sarcastic wit and, of course, tea. Copious amounts of tea.

Here’s the blurb: Life after death just got deadlier. Mrs. Beatrice Timmons (aka Miss Knight) is thoroughly unimpressed by the troop of monkeys that have invaded her kitchen. Of course, that’s only the beginning of the influx of undesirable critters.

When a giant spider appears in the garden, Mrs. Timmons knows there’s trouble brewing and it’s not served with tea. A choice must be made: agree to an unholy alliance or endanger an unborn child? To confound matters further, her husband disapproves of the whole venture. And that’s before Mrs. Timmons vanishes into the Underworld to pay an unsolicited visit to the God of Death. While it’s all for a good cause, the consequences could be dire.


And while I’m on the topic of covers, I also updated the covers for a couple other series. They really needed the upgrade. Let me know what you think!

Lethal Takeout New2 KindleFatal Secrets OriginalThe Ghost Post is an Urban Fantasy Series in which the humour is dark, the characters deadly: A dark(ish) humour, paranormal mystery series starring the newly made ghost, Axe Cooper, his best friend Lily Chan and their ghostly friends.







Dragon's War new KindleDragon's Mind new KindleDragon & Myth is a Sci-Fi / Fantasy Adventure Series: Dragon is the bodiless brain who runs the city, Myth is the girl who runs him. But all that changes when Dragon begins to dream and remembers the truth, a truth that puts their lives in danger.






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