Crazy Floods & an Insect’s Revenge

We just survived (for the most part) a crazy downpour last week in Kenya. The Biblical 40 days of rain was condensed into about 40 hours.

Cars were overwhelmed with water and abandoned in the lakes that formed at the roundabouts of Nairobi. Commuters were stuck in traffic for up to ten hours one night as they tried to traverse the roads that had been transformed into raging rivers.

Fortunately for us, our roof (and walls) held up.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Knight, a bit of rain is the least of her worries. Events in her world are about to take a rather dark turn when her nemesis tracks her down.

Revenge of the Mantis

RotM_ebook_400x640_115dpiThat’s right: it’s time to meet Mrs. Knight’s archenemy. You’ve read hints about her; you’ve seen her name; you’ve been warned. Now it’s time to meet the demon herself.

Koki the Praying Mantis has arrived and she’s out for revenge of the bloody kind. In true Mantis style, she won’t be satisfied until Mrs. Knight and all her supernatural associates are beheaded and devoured.

As if a giant Praying Mantis isn’t sufficiently overwhelming, we also have the dubious honour of encountering Koki’s famous husband of West African lore: Anansi the Trickster God who happens to be an elephant-sized spider.

Join Mrs. Knight, Mr. Timmons and the rest of the Nairobi gang as they chat with the African Lightning God, discover new secrets, battle with giant insects, turn down more marriage proposals, and do their best not to get eaten or decapitated in the process.

Let’s hope they all manage to survive, for we know how Mrs. Knight deplores a messy corpse.

Case 3: Revenge of the Mantis is available for $0.99 during the pre-order period. On 1 June, the price goes up.

So hop on over to Don’t forget to email me when you leave a rating on Amazon. I’ll send you a free short story all about Mr. Timmons, the ultimate identity thief.

Cheers and enjoy!

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