from Africa… with a Bite!

Welcome to the website dedicated to all things surreal, unreal and paranormal, especially if it’s from Africa.

This blog is all about the elements of reality that entertain, amuse and inspire me.

The paranormal plays a big role, as do quirky humour and snippets of strange-but-true. There’s also a smattering of African mythology, culture and history: I’m currently working on a paranormal mystery series set in colonial Kenya.

I’m fascinated by the mystery that is life, and I love to share it all!

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See you on the other side!

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2 comments on “from Africa… with a Bite!
  1. Mary says:

    I loved yourTsavo book I grew up in Kenya, We lived in Mombasa and we often went to Tsavo and Nairobi but I never saw any lions in all the years we were there. My parents and Brother did encounter some when I was elsewhere. Although we were there 60 plus years after Bea your descriptions brought loads of memories back, thank you. I will now read your other books!

    • Vered says:

      Hi Mary – thanks for your comment! I’m glad the book summoned some fond memories.

      If you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll receive the prequel to Ghosts of Tsavo, for free!



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