Fun Freaky Facts you need to know

boxedset-3d-3-booksWhat’s inside: weird, wacky, wonderful facts + 99c promos!

In researching for the Society series, I came across a lot of fascinating facts. And since it is Halloween time, I thought I’d share a few of them.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, started life as a British railway camp and supply depot for the Uganda Railway in 1899. The wacky part: the town was built in a swamp. Who does that? I mean, how is that a great idea?!

A few of the characters in the series are based on real people. Dr. Rosendo Ribeiro, for example, was a doctor from Goa. The fun fact: he is (to my knowledge) the only doctor who has ever done house calls on a zebra.

One unsavory colonialist I haven’t yet introduced to the series was “Charlie the Nell” who never bathed The freaky part: he liked to comb his hairy chest with a fork while at the dinner table.

Here’s a wonderful fact: the first three books of the Society for Paranormals series are in a box set that’s on sale for 99c. Yup – 3 books with close to 400 reviews between them, for $1.

The sale is happening 28 October to 3 November, so pick up your copy if you haven’t already.

Kobo (1-3 November only)

WITCHES: If you’re into witches, then get ready for a bewitching Halloween. When the most powerful witch in the community is suspected of murder, a choice must be made between her freedom and the community’s safety! Witches of the West is $0.99 until the end of October.

GHOSTS: When Max Porter discovers his office is haunted by the ghost of a 1940s detective, he does the only sensible thing a person can do: he starts a detective agency! Real history meets the paranormal in the world of Max Porter. The author is offering a Max Porter Starter Library HERE

AFTERLIFE: For a slightly more pricey bundle in the young adult paranormal genre, try the Wraith Trilogy. The Wraith series follows seventeen-year-old Jane Watts as she navigates the thin line between this world and the afterlife. Friendship, love and family are put to the test!

Now it’s your turn: tell me one fun, freaky fact about your city, state/province and/or country. Yes, I really want to know…

2 comments on “Fun Freaky Facts you need to know
  1. Lorri Robinson says:

    When will Stones of Nairobi be out?? Anxiously awaiting it!! I’ve even reread all the Society of Paranormals books just to be ready for it.

    • Vered says:

      Hey Lorri – I’m just finishing up the draft this week. Then it will need to go through a few rounds of editing and polishing etc. So end of the year, early January…?!!

      It will be worth the wait!



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