Horsing around

One of my favorite characters in the Society for Paranormals series is Nelly. While she doesn’t say much (horses generally don’t), Nelly still makes her presence known. Beatrice Knight was given the flatulent horse as a gift, and we all know the dangers of looking a gift horse in the mouth, especially one that belches as much as Nelly does.

Little known fact: Nelly is a combination of two real horses. When I was 5 months pregnant with child #1, my husband and I went to the Mount Kenya region for a few days. The lodge offered horse riding safaris, and how could we resist? After all, the two (and a half) of us, accompanied by a guide, would be riding among the herds of zebra, antelope, giraffe and other creatures while on horseback. The wildlife are far more tolerant of horses than they are of humans, so we would be able to get quite close.

Now, in my defense, I did request a gentle, docile horse as I pointed out my obvious condition. The guide was quick to affirm his perfect understanding of the situation, and shortly thereafter, we departed for our horsey stroll across the savannah.

It quickly became clear that something had been lost in translation.

My husband’s horse could barely keep awake. Every few minutes, it dozed off, and only a lot of heel kicking, arm flapping and loud encouragement could convince the sleepy nag to stumble onward.

On the other hand, the horse given to the obviously pregnant lady was bright eyed and bushy tailed. By that, I mean someone must have poured a few pots of extra-strength coffee down its throat. My mount ran circles around the other two, skipping in a caffeine-induced merriment that was wholly unbecoming of a safari horse. It was all I could do to maintain my balance and observe the giraffe gracefully gliding by.

I swear the wildlife were laughing at me.

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Have fun, and watch out for flying horses.


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