Kindle Scout: Reader-Powered Publishing

Amazon’s done it again.

Just when we thought we had all the publishing options figured out, Amazon throws in a crazy new one, a blend of traditional and indie publishing: Kindle Scout.

And YOU are the scout.

Amazon is asking you, the reader, to nominate those books you feel are worth publishing. If Amazon’s staff selects your nomination for publishing, you receive that book free! And the author receives a publishing deal with Amazon.

It’s sweetness all around.

It’s also a grand experiment, and only time will tell how successful it is.

Ghosts of Tsavo cover FINALI for one am pretty excited about it, partly because I have Ghosts of Tsavo on it (I LOVE the layout Amazon is using for the campaign pages), and partly because I enjoy seeing Amazon shake us up.

To vote, log into your Amazon account. Check out the books, read the samples, and nominate the ones that interest you. You can only nominate three at a time, but as soon as one book’s 30-day campaign finishes, you can add on another book.

Try it out with Ghosts of Tsavo. (Think “Pride & Prejudice” meets “The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” and “The Parasol Protectorate”, in an “Out of Africa” setting.) You might recognize a few beasties out of “from Africa… with a Bite”.

You can nominate the book at Can’t wait to review it? I’m giving away copies to a small group of Beta readers, so drop me a line.

For more info and to read and nominate other books, go to

What do you think of this approach to publishing?

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One comment on “Kindle Scout: Reader-Powered Publishing
  1. Sherry Spencer says:

    I voted for Ghosts of Tsavo on Kindle Scout and could not believe it did not get published. My book, Breakthrough, did not get selected as well. 🙁 I wish you well on all your writing endeavors. Blessings!

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