Limited $0.99 Sales Price + a Gift

GoT_ebook_400x640_115dpiI’m over-the-moon excited to announce the launch of the Society for Paranormals: A series concerning dead husbands, African legends and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

I wrote this series for readers who, like me, adored “Pride & Prejudice” and devoured “The Parasol Protectorate”.

The first book, “Ghosts of Tsavo”, is ready for purchase, and I’m giving my readers a 66% discount!

In other words, you can buy the book for $0.99 but only until 21 February. After that date, the price goes up.

To add to the awesome deal, at the end of the book is a gift – an option to receive a free novella from the series!

You can buy Ghosts of Tsavo at

It’s also available on Smashwords:

Ghosts of Tsavo: Armed with Victorian etiquette, a fully loaded walking stick and a dead husband, Beatrice Knight arrives in colonial Kenya desperate for a pot of tea and a pinch of cinnamon. But she’ll need more than that if she’s to unravel the mystery of the Ghosts of Tsavo without being eaten in the process. All this while surviving the machinations of her best friend’s dashing godfather and the efforts of her safari guide to feed her to any lion willing to drag her away. What is a ghost-chasing widow to do?

Happy shopping!


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