Order #4 : Get a Free Novella!

Great News! Case #4 in the Society for Paranormals series is now on sale!!!

The Fourth Mandate picks up where Revenge of the Mantis left off.


Here’s the skinny: Having offered her firm and unequivocal resignation, Beatrice Knight is certain she is clear of her former employer, the Society for Paranormals, and is now free to proceed with her life and a wedding. It all seems quite simple, until the Society’s Director Prof Runal shows up at the train station, her cousin announces horrifying news and a ponytailed dwarf decides he needs her powers to eradicate all non-humanoid paranormals. At least one thing is certain: anything is manageable with a pot of tea and a fully loaded walking stick.

Sounds like fun, right? But that’s not all! I am super excited to share with you a special deal that’s available on the pre-ordered version of The Fourth Mandate. Only until 6 August, the eBook will include a FREE novella about Mrs Knight’s first trip to Africa. You don’t want to miss this yummy trip down memory lane.

So here’s the link again: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0127Q194K

Don’t forget: if you leave a rating for any of the books in this series, let me know. I have a related series of short stories that I give away to reviewers (one story per book reviewed) as a thank you gift, regardless of the rating given.

For those who prefer a book made of real paper (yes, there are people like that!), all the books are available from Amazon in paper version.

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  1. Posted reviews on all four books from the Society for Paranormals series! Am excited to read the short stories!

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