Series: Cozy Tea Shoppe Mysteries

Tea isn’t the only thing that’s brewing in this delightful and delicious sequel to the “Society for Paranormals” series. Join retired paranormal detective Miss Knight as she attempts to keep the kettle boiling and her customers satisfied (or at least alive) while dodging murder, mayhem and other inconveniences. Serving tea has never been more dangerous.

Murder for Tea

Murder for Tea

Series: Cozy Tea Shoppe Mysteries, Book 1
While Beatrice Knight Timmons is part witch, the only thing she’s interested in nowadays is tea. But no sooner does she open her tea shop in the small town of Nairobi, someone with a vendetta against young brides murders one. With her best friend’s wedding only weeks away, can Miss Knight stop the murderer while babysitting a monkey? Serving tea has never been so dangerous. More info →
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Death in a Teacup

Death in a Teacup

Release date November
Series: Cozy Tea Shoppe Mysteries, Book 2
With the Wedding Killer behind bars, the witchy Beatrice Knight Timmons is able to focus on managing The Cozy Tea Shoppe. But when the African God of Death pays her a visit after losing his throne, murder is back on the menu. All decorum is thrown out with the tea leaves as the line between the living and the dead gets thinner with the passing of every full moon. Only Anansi the Trickster God can persuade the powers-that-be to reinstate Death and the circle of life. But everyone has their own agenda, and time is running out as the next full moon approaches. While the small colonial town of Nairobi is used to all manner of monsters and mayhem, this latest debacle might need more than a pot of tea to endure it. More info →