Steampunk + South Africa = Awesome

South Africa is awesome. Admittedly, I might have a bias (being South African). After all, we have both lions and penguins! You can actually swim with the penguins; I don’t recommend you do the same with the lions.

We also make the best meat jerky (we call it biltong) in the world. No bias there (ahem)… If you haven’t tried it, you definitely should. It will make a carnivore out of almost anyone.

On another note: how many writers do you know from my country?! Personally, I don’t know too many, so I’m thrilled to discover another one.

Gwynn White and I have a lot in common: we’re SA citizens and writers. Beyond that, we both include steampunk in our series.

So, if you like a bit (or a lot!) of steampunk and you’ve developed a taste for books written by South African authors, you should definitely take a look at Rebel’s Honor (priced at $0.99). Plus Gwynn offers a free story for everyone who visits her website.

rebels honor coverForced into an arranged marriage, warrior princess Lynx is on a crusade to destroy her betrothed and his evil empire. Trouble is, he’s not going down without a fight. To make matters worse, he has strange magic she doesn’t understand on his side.

The only thing the beautiful, brooding Lukan fears is the curse that says his warrior bride—Lynx—will murder him. Armed with secret technology, Lukan is confident he is safe from her threats. Unfortunately, no high­tech device can protect him from his lust for her. And it is his lust that will trigger his downfall.

A story of curses and prophecy, Rebel’s Honor is an intrigue­-filled, romantic, steampunk adventure. Warning: Don’t start reading at bedtime. It’s guaranteed to keep you turning the pages all night.

Purchase Rebel’s Honor from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Visit Gwynn’s website (where you can download the free prequel): Click here.

Now I’m off to nibble on some biltong…



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