Sun, Sand & a Book Sale!

This weekend, I’m off to the coast of Kenya, to frolic on the beach with the family. Hopefully I won’t get stung by a jellyfish or fry my skin. I will however come back with bits of sand stuck in my clothes and salt coating my hair. Happens every time.

BoxedSet 3D CoverWhile I’m away, there’s going to be a crazy sale. Now, I don’t make a habit of discounting my books. I figure they’re already less than the price of a cup of Starbuck’s fancy coffee, with way fewer calories.

However, Kobo has selected the Society for Paranormals box set for a 50% flash sale on 2 April!

So I figured I’d better price match this before Amazon does. For one day only – 2 April – the box set will be on sale everywhere for $2.99. For the price of a cup of caffeine, you can have the first four books in the series, with a total of 340 rave reviews.

Seriously, four books for the price of one. You can’t go wrong! Why should you care? Well, Book 5 is coming out early May, and it’s full of that wit you expect from Mrs Knight, plus a lot of adventure, new friends and enemies, and a family surprise that stunned even me.

If you haven’t already read the first four books, this is your chance to snag a very rare deal, before the price goes back up to $5.99 sometime on 3 April, or whenever I get the sand out from under my fingernails.

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