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It’s raining rats

It’s the rainy season in Kenya (there are two a year), and you’ll seldom hear Kenyans complain about the arrival of the rain. We view it as a blessing. Everything greens up, the air is fresh, the crops grow, rainbows

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3 reasons why a lion would eat you

As you know by now, the first book in the “Society for Paranormals” series, Ghosts of Tsavo, is based very loosely on historic events. In 1898, two lions took it upon themselves to devour a number of men. You can imagine

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The Truth about Fear & Ebola

As scary as I make some of my more villainous characters, none of them will ever compare with what’s out there in that place referred to as “reality”. Take Ebola. Ebola is frightening. Ebola terrifies us because: It challenges the

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How to make a Dwarf Zombie

As you may recall, a Tokolosh is a rather miserable looking creature that inhabits the space under your bed; the beast has the most disagreeable habit of chewing on the toes and other extremities of unsuspecting sleepers.   While there are

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What can swallow you whole?

There are lots of creatures out there that would quite happily take a bite or more out of you. But how many can actually swallow a human in one gulp? Well, there are a few whales big enough perhaps, but

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