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It’s raining rats

It’s the rainy season in Kenya (there are two a year), and you’ll seldom hear Kenyans complain about the arrival of the rain. We view it as a blessing. Everything greens up, the air is fresh, the crops grow, rainbows

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3 reasons why a lion would eat you

As you know by now, the first book in the “Society for Paranormals” series,¬†Ghosts of Tsavo, is based very loosely on historic events. In 1898, two lions took it upon themselves to devour a number of men. You can imagine

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Here’s what makes me shudder!

Having lived in Nairobi for 16 years, I figure I’m fairly acclimatized and acculturated. So imagine my response when a monkey climbed through my office window, grabbed my apple and sat on my desk to eat it. Was I as

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Order #4 : Get a Free Novella!

Great News! Case #4 in the Society for Paranormals¬†series is now on sale!!! The Fourth Mandate picks up where Revenge of the Mantis left off. Here’s the skinny: Having offered her firm and unequivocal resignation, Beatrice Knight is certain she

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Boas, Plastic & Other Mistakes

Are there Boa Constrictors in Africa? And when was plastic sheeting first used by fruit vendors? In Ghosts of Tsavo, there lives near Mrs Knight’s home a supernaturally-enhanced Boa Constrictor. A clever reader wrote me and pointed out that Boas

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