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It’s raining rats

It’s the rainy season in Kenya (there are two a year), and you’ll seldom hear Kenyans complain about the arrival of the rain. We view it as a blessing. Everything greens up, the air is fresh, the crops grow, rainbows

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3 reasons why a lion would eat you

As you know by now, the first book in the “Society for Paranormals” series, Ghosts of Tsavo, is based very loosely on historic events. In 1898, two lions took it upon themselves to devour a number of men. You can imagine

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Boas, Plastic & Other Mistakes

Are there Boa Constrictors in Africa? And when was plastic sheeting first used by fruit vendors? In Ghosts of Tsavo, there lives near Mrs Knight’s home a supernaturally-enhanced Boa Constrictor. A clever reader wrote me and pointed out that Boas

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When Roofs Leak & Books Sell

You remember when I wrote last time about the arrival of the rainy season? And how happy I was? Well, I wasn’t so happy a few nights ago. Rains are great, unless… You haven’t cleaned the gutters in a while. And

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African Rains & a Book Sale

It’s been a while, but do I have news! First, it started raining in Kenya. This is big news! We’ve just had two months of hot, dry, dusty weather. Everything was wilting, farmers were complaining and my garden was on

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