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Cover that Teapot!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Murder for Tea, case 1 in The Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery series, I’m giving away three handmade, African tea cozies. Cover your pot with one of these beautiful creations; it will keep your tea

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Here’s what makes me shudder!

Having lived in Nairobi for 16 years, I figure I’m fairly acclimatized and acculturated. So imagine my response when a monkey climbed through my office window, grabbed my apple and sat on my desk to eat it. Was I as

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Order #4 : Get a Free Novella!

Great News! Case #4 in the Society for Paranormals series is now on sale!!! The Fourth Mandate picks up where Revenge of the Mantis left off. Here’s the skinny: Having offered her firm and unequivocal resignation, Beatrice Knight is certain she

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Crazy Floods & an Insect’s Revenge

We just survived (for the most part) a crazy downpour last week in Kenya. The Biblical 40 days of rain was condensed into about 40 hours. Cars were overwhelmed with water and abandoned in the lakes that formed at the

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Boas, Plastic & Other Mistakes

Are there Boa Constrictors in Africa? And when was plastic sheeting first used by fruit vendors? In Ghosts of Tsavo, there lives near Mrs Knight’s home a supernaturally-enhanced Boa Constrictor. A clever reader wrote me and pointed out that Boas

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