The story of the Mantis

What’s inside: a new short story that’s all yours for a limited time only

Have you ever seen a praying mantis? It’s quite an extraordinary insect. Its very structure screams “predator”, while its movements speak of discipline and precision. And yes, it does sometimes decapitate its prey before eating.

Praying mantis are frequent visitors to my garden and they’re beautiful. Of course, I wouldn’t be so generous with praise if they were super sized. I like my bugs small enough to step on.

If you’ve read any of the Society books, you know that Koki is one nasty she-demon. The arch-nemesis of Mrs. Knight, Koki is murderous, psychotic and downright scary. Plus she can change into an elephant-sized praying mantis. As Mrs. Knight has remarked, any insect that can’t fit under her boot is an insect she doesn’t want to encounter. And I firmly agree.

After finishing the draft of Book #6 (A Spider Comes Calling), I was inspired to write a short story about Koki.

The Mantis & The Cage describes the beginning of Koki’s journey to becoming the Mantis, and it’s eye opening. Even I didn’t expect some of it! And so, in anticipation for the upcoming release of #6, I’m giving away copies of Koki’s story for the next couple of weeks.

All you have to do is click HERE and re-subscribe to this newsletter. You’ll then be directed to a download page. I’m interested to know what you think after reading her story.



PS – The condensed version: To get the short story about the Mantis, click HERE.

3 comments on “The story of the Mantis
  1. Wahida says:

    Hiya Vered! Just got back from holiday to a lovely surprise,a brand new back story! I love it,I wish it was longer and can’t wait to read more. No pressure,of course,lol! Thanks! W xx.

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