This is what New Year’s Day looks like in Nairobi

Here’s what Nairobi looks like on New Year’s Day: imagine a glass; now imagine there’s nothing in the glass.

Yup, that’s Nairobi. The city is EMPTY. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, anyone who can leave the city has already left. Meanwhile, the population in the villages probably doubles.

For those of us who stay behind, it’s the best time of year to be in Nairobi. No traffic. No work. No noise, apart from those wretched weaver birds that live in the tree outside my bedroom window (nature’s alarm clocks without the snooze button).

Fortunately, this email isn’t as empty. I figure a few of you may have received an eReader under the Christmas tree, or maybe a new phone or tablet that can download a Kindle App. And now you need to fill it up with awesomeness. So here are a few options for your consideration, and all of them are 99c deals:

BLOOD DRAGONS & BLOOD SHACKLES: I have to tell you – this series looks amazing. In fact, I’m standing in the digital line at Amazon and buying these two books ASAP. In a divided London, vampires are both predator and prey, and humans are catching on. But when the two worlds collide, it could mean the end. For both species. Get Blood Dragons HERE and Blood Shackles HERE.

THE FORSAKEN CROWN: Sonya is a disgraced mercenary with shattered ambitions. Kendryk is a young ruler in danger of being overthrown. As unlikely allies, they must learn to trust each other to survive the turmoil ahead. Get your copy HERE.

HOPE OF THE FUTURE: In a future dystopian world, humans have evolved into an advanced race, but at a cost. When the one person who can save them has sworn to watch this new universe burn, which side will win? Get your free copy HERE.

Let me know if any of the above tickles your fancy. I’ll be sending out a couple extra emails this month with more deals. After all, I have to give you something to read before the big launch of Case 7: Stones of Nairobi!



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