What happens when two elephants fight?

There’s an expression over here that goes something like this: When two elephants fight, it’s the grass that gets trampled. It’s a rather poetic way of saying that when the big guys go at it, it’s the little guys who get screwed.

Now, I’m not saying you’re a piece of grass, but you are about to get trampled! The thing is, I have a list of announcements as big as a small herd of elephants, but it’s really good news for all of us. So hold onto your safari hats, and take a look at what awaits.

1) VIP Reader Reward’s Mega Giveaway: Whatever your genre, you are sure to find a deal at the Mega Giveaway for May. So don’t wait for the elephant stampede. Head on over to the May Giveaway

The Fifth Moon's Wolf 8002) One of my favorite authors, Monica La Porta, just released her newest in her oh-so-delightful paranormal romance series. The cover says it all! You don’t have to read all the books to enjoy any of them. The latest on offer is The Fifth Moon’s Wolf: Valentine’s arranged marriage should only have one outcome – his heir. But what happens when the alpha werewolf falls for his wife? Enjoy a dash of space opera and plenty of steamy paranormal romance. Available for under $1 at all the usual outlets – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

3) Another $1 special with good reviews is The Gladiator & The Guard: Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is just one victory away from freedom. But after he is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, he is condemned to the violent life and early death of a gladiator. Can he stand against the cruelty of the arena system and seize his freedom before that system crushes him? Go check it out on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

4) Until 7 May, A Rarer Gift Than Gold is free if you visit http://www.lucybranch.com. Abigail Argent stands out. Her particular talent lies in the colouring of alloys. Her study leads her to discover a connection between her own craft and that of her favourite childhood myth: changing lead into gold. But her abilities soon pique the interests of a powerful group, determined to guard the secret that she may unwittingly expose. Delving into the deepest secrets of ancient Italy, Abigail’s story will take everything you think you know about alchemy and turn it on its head.

5) And finally: the fifth book in the Society for Paranormals series is launching on 10 May! Keep an eye out for my next email, in which I provide the details and a special gift – a photo journal of Victorian Nairobi! If you haven’t read the first four books, now’s your chance to save 50% by buying the boxset.

Stay tuned until then!



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