what’s the 1 thing you don’t do when your house floods?

Recently, I told you about our first house in Nairobi, a cottage full of ‘character’. But lack of electricity wasn’t our only problem.

About a week before giving birth to our eldest child, I was sitting in our cottage, contented, nested and all the other sentiments that are associated with a woman about to give birth any day. I was admiring the beautiful view when I felt a fat drop of water plunk down on my head.

It was most peculiar, really. It wasn’t the rainy season. In fact, we were in a drought. So why was the ceiling leaking? Within a few seconds of this confused observation, and before I could haul my whale-like body up from the grip of the sofa and gravity, the leak turned into a rainstorm.

Stunned, I stared at the water gushing down from ceiling and did the one thing you don’t do in a flood: I freaked out. All warm, fuzzy feelings of nesting and finally being settled vaporized in an emotional panic. I stumbled down the stairs and outside, shouting for help. Neighbors ran to my assistance, by which time the living room was engulfed in a monsoon event. Buckets were strategically placed, mops were employed and some quick-witted person shut off the fuse box.

“The pump,” someone said, as if that was sufficient explanation for the storm that had appeared in my house. It turned out that there was an issue with the pump: instead of switching off once the storage tank above our living room was full, it just kept on pumping.

Now for another sort of deluge, one that involves stories rather than saturated furniture. I’d like to invite you to dinner with Satan. A friend of mine is participating in Planet Comicon Kansas City. What’s that, you ask? Comicon is the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the Kansas City area. Basically, it’s a great excuse to dress up and have fun.

Anyways… my friend’s organizing some awesome events around the theme of his book, Dinners with Satan, including a giveaway plus free books. You know the drill. Interested? Check out the awesome line-up of books and the giveaway by clicking HERE. It’s open until 30 April.

Who loves puppies? I do, and that’s why I couldn’t resist joining this giveaway! Also running 24-30 April, the Cozy Mystery Puppy Luv is looking for a winner for a new Kindle plus 10 cozy mystery books. One runner up will win the 10 books. Here’s the link to all that luv.



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