Would you like some dirt with that tea?

First, big news: the next installment in the Cozy Tea Shoppe series is with the proofreader right now! “Case 2: Death in a Teacup” continues the wacky adventures of Miss Knight as she joins Death to save the world (or something like that).

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information I gathered in my research: Miss Knight had to be very careful about the quality of tea she received. In order to lower their costs, some more unscrupulous suppliers would add sand and soil to the tea leaves. A package of tea could be as much as 50% dirt – true fact. Yuck!

Moving right along… It’s never too early to think about Christmas. Or so ‘they’ say. However, in this case, I’d agree. There’s a great double-promo going on right now. You could win a Christmas Book Hamper. And you could win a Kindle Fire. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Head on over to http://www.bookgiveaways.online/board/paula-wynne/readers-christmas-gift-guide-giveaways/752

First, check out all the book offers. Then, to enter to win the book hamper, click the ‘Win a Christmas Book Hamper’ image and follow the instructions which involve clicking the image again (?!). To enter for the Kindle, click the ‘Kindle Fire Giveaway’ image.

Now excuse me while I go check my tea leaves for dirt…


2 comments on “Would you like some dirt with that tea?
  1. Kimberly mauro says:

    Hello vered ,I while out shopping with my granddaughters today we came across a very cold stunned praying mantis ( the temperature dropped from 50 s into the 20s ) or course we put it in a box to bring home to warm up and believe it or not it’s back leg was missing! Mmmmm ….. Well that led into me telling the girls all about Beatrice ,now they want to hear more of her stories and we have “Koki”in our living room!she has warmed up nicely! Can’ t wait for the new book! Thanks for the stories kim

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