9 Deadliest Supernatural African Beasties

Some time ago, I posted the Top 9 Deadliest African (non-human) Animals, based on the likelihood of surviving a hostile encounter with one. As a re-cap, they were in increasing order of lethal capacity: Cape Buffalo, Puff Adder, Lion, Great White Shark, Nile Crocodile, Black Mamba, Elephant, Hippo and the Mosquito.

Since my speciality is paranormal beasties, I decided to make an equivalent list of the Top 9 Deadliest Supernatural Beasties. To be fair, it was a rather difficult list to create, given the lack of records kept and statistics on attacks and deaths. So I asked for some assistance from my Facebook group. I think the list we created is a pretty good one, after all.

GUSTAVE, the serial killer. Seriously, look at the stink eye he’s giving us.

9) ADZE: West African, shapeshifting vampire. It moves about as a firefly. In human form, the adze will eat your organs. In insect form, it sucks your blood.

8) NINKI NANKA: 33-foot-long with the body of a crocodile, the head of a horned horse and a long neck like a giraffe.

7) IMPUNDULU: Lightning Bird is a shapeshifter with a nasty habit of drinking human blood.

KERIT… Ok, this isn’t exactly a Kerit; it’s only a hyena which took a stroll down our street one night.

6) KERIT: Looks like a cross between a hyena and a bear. Sounds like a tortured demon. Over 4ft tall at the shoulder. Favorite food is human brain.

5) POPOBAWA: Demon shapeshifter. Human by day, giant bat by night, it attacks people while they sleep or if you deny its existence!

4) GUSTAVE: 25-foot-long, 2,000 pound, 65-year-old Nile Crocodile. A serial killer, he’s murdered over 300 people just for fun.

3) NGUMA-MONENE: 35-foot-long lizard with a ridge of spines on its back. Its favorite meal is hippo.

2) GROOTSLANG: 50-foot-long South African dragon that devours adult elephants for dinner.

1) ASANBOSAM: Giant vampire-ogre with iron teeth and iron claws. It hangs from trees undetected and falls upon its prey.

How’s that for fun!

12 Comments on “9 Deadliest Supernatural African Beasties

  1. The most dangerous animal in Africa, in my humble opinion, remains the ” NAMUH”
    This opinion is plagiarized from a classic science fiction story.
    I’ll let you figure it out…..

  2. Well, okay. BUT, I am still not interested in meeting Anansi. God or not, I just don’t do spiders. Especially spiders the size of this fellow. Of course, Harry Potter had to deal with Aragog, the Acromantula. I just speed through that part of the books. Smile

  3. The Nyami Nyami (The Zambezi River God) is a actual mythical creature that is said to live under Victoria Falls. I even got my daughters small trinkets that were suppose to look lit it.. Loved my visit there

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