Baby pics! (+ Happy New 2019)

Baby pics! (+ Happy New 2019)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to the family, baby Echo. He’s a 2-month-old Great Dane who has stolen our hearts (and possibly my slippers). Click on the photos for close-ups, then scroll down the page for more news.

In other news: stay tuned for an exciting new release: A Lion’s Cage. This book will be coming to all stores end of February. And the best part? It’s going to be free!

Book Blurb: Life as a slave in the fight pits of Kenya is vicious and brutally short. No one knows this better than lion Shifter Lazarus Kiprop who is living with blood on his hands and guilt in his heart. He’s given up on ever seeing the sun rise over the savanna until Willow arrives.Β 

A newly made Vampire, Willow has gaping holes in her memory and a burning desire to get revenge. While she may be able to escape her cage, will she be able to escape her heart? This novella is the prequel to the Lion Shifters series.

(For the observant ones: yes, the author’s name on that cover is Ella Wilde. It’s a pen name for me and my co-writer Su Boddie)

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  1. Congratulations on your new pup…he’s gorgeous! I used to raise Danes…they’re so lovable. Please make sure not to let him get too heavy…it’s awful for the future of his hips and back.
    I found a pup under my tree, too. Pepper is a beagle-bassett mix, and as sweet as they come. Hope you enjoy your new little Echo as much as we do Pepper. Ours will top out at 25 pounds…bet Echo (LOVE that name!!) will more than quadruple that!

    • That’s awesome you raised Danes! Yes, I will watch his weight for sure. One of our other dogs is a Great Dane-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and weighs 130lbs, and that’s all bone and muscle.

  2. Gorgeous face, enjoy every minute with him as before you know it he will be taking over the house, hope you and your family have a very successful and happy 2019.

  3. Merry New year and congrats on the new baby. He is adorable and will probably steal more than your heart slippers as he grows up. Hope he doesn’t become too much of a juvenile delinquent. πŸ™‚

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