Beware of cluttered kitchen drawers

It’s been an age since I last wrote! All’s good on this side. But it does amaze me how a simple decision to clean up one small, insignificant kitchen drawer ends up in a complete spring cleaning and partial renovation of the house and garden!

It started when Kiara (my daughter) commented on how disorderly and cluttered one of the kitchen drawers was. So we decided to clean out that drawer and organize it.

And then we noticed that the other three top drawers around the kitchen were all in a similar state of disarray. So we decided to clean up and organize all four drawers. That naturally (?) inspired me to go to the storage under our house. You know that room: the one where you store items you aren’t sure what to do with, after which you forget all about them. I threw out or gave away boxes of stuff.

All this activity encouraged the hubbie and I to buy a set of bookshelves for our bedroom. Don’t ask me how bookshelves are connected to kitchen drawers and empty storage rooms. But there you go. And once the shelves were sorted, attention turned to the living room. It really needed a new coat of paint. Not to mention we could sure use another water tank because ours isn’t big enough when we go for a week at a time without any water from City Council. So a new tank got added to the list.

I then went back down to the storage room. It was now all cleaned up, cleared out and repainted. So I set it up as a writing room. I can now leave the house without actually leaving the compound. And did I mention the gazebo?

Next time anyone asks me to organize a drawer, I’m running away.

Very soon, I’ll have some exciting news! Not that organized kitchen drawers aren’t exciting. But how about a brand new series set in a small town just outside of Nairobi? A cozy mystery series starring an amateur witch and her crazy pet bat. Lots of fun and giggles. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Hope you’re keeping sane. More importantly, I hope your drawers are tidy.

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