Enough about lions (for now)

I’ll be coming back to lions in my next post as I really, REALLY want to share some cool tidbits I found in my research.

Weaving lion facts and Kenyan culture to create the world of lion shifters was fun! So stay tuned.

But for today, I want to take a small break and talk about magic. Specifically, fire magic.

The Fire Thief is the first book in a high fantasy series (think elves, magic, and Dungeons & Dragons).

If you like gutsy heroines, elemental magic, and epic sword and sorcery action, then check out New York Times bestselling authors Gwynn White and Erin St Pierre’s rollercoaster tale.

I love the tagline for The Fire Thief: She fights to survive. But only white-hot rage will reveal her true power.

Check out the gorgeous cover and read the rest of the blurb over here: https://books2read.com/u/3nn7Lx

Until next time (when I deliver lion shifter culture for your reading pleasure).

THE FIRE THIEF: She fights to survive. But only white-hot rage will reveal her true power…

Remembering the hope of the past helps Stasha endure her bleak present. Blaming herself for her best friend’s injury, she brawls and steals to provide in a world run by fae. But with an arranged marriage approaching, Stasha swipes two silvers in hope of their escape—and erupts into a fiery burst of magic.

Surprised and confused by power she can’t possibly control, Stasha barely has time to register that her friend has been sent off to die. With time running out and no options left, she must put her faith in powerful strangers as they dive into a fae skirmish for supremacy. Surrounded by dubious allies, her only hope to redeem her past is to mount an attack on an inescapable death camp.

As Stasha fights to free her friend, the battle she’s faced her whole life is about to become a war.

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