Flying Alert

In a few hours, I’m off to the airport to endure a 24-hour trip up to London and across to the USA. I’ll be attending a 2-day writer’s mastermind retreat followed by a 2-day writing conference in Austin, Texas. As the weather there seems about as predictable as my new puppy’s temper tantrums, I’m packing for all occasions!

In the meantime, I’ve received some feedback from my Street Team. (Yes, I have one! I feel so grown up now.) They received a pre-launch copy of “A Lion’s Cage”, and here’s what a couple of them had to say:

Celeste: “Vered, I absolutely loved The Lion’s Cage! Congratulations on another wonderful series!

Dave: “I think that you have a winner! Now to the next subject. How to dispose of Mort, as I am sure you will get to eventually.”

Dave then went on to describe in graphic detail how one should dispose of an African Vampire. Here’s what he doesn’t know: I have big plans for Mort…

While we wait for 28 February (a.k.a. the Launch Date), you might want to consider a bit of witching by moonlight. My friend Maria has a sale coming up for “Under Witch Moon”. From 15th to 18th February, the book will be available for 99c. My puppy’s chew toy costs more than that and doesn’t last nearly as long. Store links are all over here:

Now I have to run off and finish packing, shower and try to stay awake for my midnight flight… Where’s Nelly, my flying horse, when I need her?



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