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From Africa, with a Bite: a beginner's guide to African supernatural beasties. (Only available from this website)

That Night in Lagos: Miss Knight travels to Lagos with a simple mission--save the Brownies and don't die in the process. (Only available from this website)

Victorian Nairobi: Enjoy this collection of antique photos taken during the early days of Nairobi’s history. (Only available from this website)

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"I knew within the first few pages I would love this story and the quirky and practical Beatrice Knight. Her voice is charming and authentic, and she and her supporting cast leap from the pages… Imagine Mary Poppins as a paranormal detective. Yes, that delightful. I adored the characters — humans and non-humans, and find myself even now smiling over their antics and funny quirks."
~ Elise Stokes, Goodreads review

"A quirky and lovely spin through sweltering Nairobi, this story will have readers cheering. The use of Victorian English is probably the best example ever, outside actual Victorian texts. Beatrice is a spunky, determined woman, but at the same time wholly a model of Victorian females. Every character is fleshed out. Fans of historicals and paranormal will love every minute of this story!"
~ InD'tale Magazine