How to breathe while hiking

In Kenya, we have to wear face masks whenever we leave our homes. It’s a fairly new addition to the culture and makes for a surreal shopping experience. When else are you allowed to enter a store looking like a gangster?! It’s definitely worth a photo. Speaking of which, check out our family photo for your visual enjoyment. Remember, a family that quarantines together, stays together (whether they want to or not).

Covid 19 Family Photo: A family that quarantines together, stays together (whether they like it or not).

Last weekend, I went for a hike with the family in the nearby forest. Has anyone ever tried hiking with a face mask? Sweat built up pretty quickly around the lower half of my face. I couldn’t breathe properly when climbing a hill. And it made me wonder about movies. You know, the ones in which the bad guys wear uniforms that include masks. They’re running after the good guys, guns blazing. And none of them look like they’re out of breath or sweating from their eyeballs. Sure, it’s a movie. But still, how do they do it?!

Moving on to non-sweaty topics. Ready for the paranormal side of cozies? None of the characters are wearing masks, although a few have witch hats on. Here’s a delightful collection to explore over here!

What’s the craziest clothing accessory you’ve ever had to wear?!

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8 Comments on “How to breathe while hiking

  1. Hi Vered, Thank you for your story and the thought of wearing masks as a villain. It really make you think. I was thinking that before. But hey, as you said, it’s a movie, they can do everything, even if you think about it, it actually wouldn’t work.
    And thank you for the picture. I had to smile.
    Take care and stay safe

  2. Thank goodness for Vered and the wonderful stories in our email. Something I look forward to on a normal day much less in isolation. Another time to be glad I don’t have kids, I would loose my mind. Stay safe and healthy in mind and body. Linda

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