It’s birthday time!

The publishing date is kind of like a book’s birthday, minus the sugar rush. It’s now time to dust off your eReader, pour a pot of tea, and put up a ‘Do not disturb’ sign (or tell everyone you’re in self-quarantine—they’ll understand). Because Witch Time for Tea is out in the world and ready for your reading pleasure at a special launch price!

This is the first book in my new Wavily Witches series about a family of (mostly) good witches who run The Hotel Wavily. It’s been so much fun to write. We have a talking bat, a hotel full of lovable (and not so lovable) criminals, and oodles of tea (of course). Not to mention a ferocious grandmother who’s a real witch. Read on for the full details:

The Hotel Wavily, where the service is to die for.

The pet crocodile and adopted zebra notwithstanding, the family-run Hotel Wavily is pretty much like any other hotel catering to mafia fugitives and criminally-inclined individuals. Everyone has something to hide, including Evian Wavily, who discovers the secret to her family’s success: witchcraft. As bad luck would have it, she’s inherited blood magic, the most dangerous form of witchery and one that is banned across most of the witching world.

As if that’s not inconvenient enough, a high-level mafia guest is murdered in the hotel’s health clinic, and Tea Town’s only doctor gets arrested for the crime. It’s up to Evian, her batty familiar Squeaks, and her best friend Rita to solve the crime, preferably before afternoon tea. But they aren’t the only ones interested in the case. As Evian is about to learn, some murders are never meant to be solved.

Witch Time for Tea is the first case file in the Wavily Witches Cozy Mystery series set in Tea Town, Kenya. Welcome to The Hotel Wavily where the guests are wicked, the owners are witches, and the service is to kill for. If you enjoy exotic locations, eccentric characters and bewitching stories, then download Case 1 to start your spellbinding African holiday today!

Vered “It’s always time for tea” Ehsani

PS #1: Currently, this series is only available on Amazon. There are two options for the non-Kindle users. 1) Download a free Kindle app on your phone, tablet or computer, add a tea bag and enjoy. 2) Or wait about a year when the series will be available everywhere. Sorry…

PS #2: Remember if you pick up your copy of Witch Time for Tea before 20th August 2020, you get the special launch price.

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