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Last week, I posted a scene involving Evian, Rita and a bat. What did you think of Squeaks? He’s a fruit bat with the heart of a gangster! He’s also one of the main characters of the series and talks big even though he’s small enough to fit in a purse.

How would you like to meet Squeaks in person? I have an invitation for you, but first: We’re now in the countdown to the launch of Witch Time for Tea, and I’m super excited. I’ve been sitting on these books for a few months now, so it’s about time they get out there and make you smile!

Last week, I promised you a cover reveal. And here it is. There’s so much to love about this cover. The colors. The dramatic silhouettes. The full moon. And Squeaks. Because that bat is adorable (just don’t say that in front of him).

This is the first book in the Wavily Witches series. The Wavilys are a family of (mostly) good witches who run a haven for the exotic, the eccentric and the guilty. All’s going as well as can be expected when Evian discovers who — and what — she really is. The consequences are spellbinding. Prepare to be bewitched!

Keep an eye out for my post next week. I’ll be including a special launch price for Witch Time for Tea. You won’t want to miss it!

Now for the invitation: I’m hosting a Zoom call this Saturday as part of the pre-launch festivities, and you’re invited! I’ll do a short reading from Witch Time for Tea, followed by a Q&A (ask me anything). I hope to see you there.

Date: Saturday, 8th August

Time: 7pm Nairobi time (That’s 9am in Vancouver, 12 noon in NYC, and 5pm in London)


Vered “Zooming” Ehsani

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