Kites & Lizards

Jambo! Hope your days are quieter than mine. We’re in the middle of a major home renovation. Not all renovations are noisy or dusty, of course. We’ve planted a lot of trees on our property since moving to this house over seven years ago. Lots of trees means lots of urban wildlife, including a healthy population of African kites (smallish hawks).

Seeing them flying or perching close to the house reminds me of an incident that occurred when my son Jalal was around five. He had a vast collection of plastic dinosaurs and other lizards, and loved to play with them. One afternoon, we were outside on the patio together. He was holding a very lifelike toy lizard and enthusiastically providing me a detailed explanation on its lifestyle and dietary requirements.

He was rudely interrupted mid-sentence by a nosediving hawk. The bird zipped between the two of us, snatched up the plastic lizard and flew away. Jalal and I stood frozen for a few seconds, gawking at his empty hand. I’m pretty sure the African kite was equally surprised when it tried to eat the lizard. (Side note: no humans or animals were harmed in this production.)

Speaking of productions… Thanks to everyone who took my 10-second survey. I’ve received some great input for my new cozy mystery series. I’ll give the survey results soon. If you haven’t had a chance yet, hop on over here and share your thoughts!


Vered “Watch your head” Ehsani

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