Lots of time to get cozy!

It’s been a crazy year! And we’re just getting started. I read an article this morning on the importance of consistent routine. Routine helps keeps us grounded and sane, gives us a focus for days that blend into each other. 

My routine involves a lot of writing and reading (that hasn’t changed) but it also now includes a lot more family time. My husband and daughter are working / studying from home. My son is in the middle of 14 days of quarantine (he landed in Kenya right before they closed the airport) and will be joining us at home in a week.

I used to read to my kids when they were little. I’ve picked up the habit. Every evening, I read an inspirational story to the family. My daughter and I have also started a small farm at the bottom of our property. It’s something I always meant to do but never quite got around to it.

Being informed is important, but there is such a thing as too much information. The news has a lot of doom and gloom in it. I’m pretty optimistic about the future, especially when I learn about the creative ways people are supporting each other. So I make sure to balance the news with upbeat stories. On that note, I’ve joined a few more cozy mystery promos. The first one has a British theme. Get all the details over here. What better way to ensure you strengthen your reading routine with more books?!!

What are you doing during the Covid madness to stay sane?

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