Monkeys also adapt

I may have mentioned once or twice that monkeys live in our valley. And on occasion, they invade our property, searching for fruits and bird eggs. They use our roof as a shortcut to the tree full of weaver bird nests. My dogs go crazy, my neighbors all hate me, and the monkeys have a feast.

Well, turns out monkeys also don’t like barking dogs. So they’ve shifted tactics. They now do their raids at night. LastĀ  night, my husband awoke to the thumping of little monkey feet on our roof. The birds aren’t stupid and have likewise adapted. They’ve moved their nests away from the house and the monkeys. They still show up every morning on the balcony, demanding their seeds. So all is well … for now.

A couple weeks ago, I shifted prices for my books on Amazon and Kobo. Now it’s time to do the same for iBooks, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords. Most of the books are at 99c from now until 20 April.

You can findĀ all the links on my site over here.

The new prices aren’t updated on my site, but they are in the bookstores.

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