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What’s inside: monkeys (you know how I feel about them) + more book deals

It turns out that African kites aren’t the only predators interested in weaver bird eggs. A few days ago, something leaped into the trees by our balcony. Howling in outrage, my dogs started hurling themselves at the trunk. As I wondered if the dogs would attempt to climb the tree, the branches above began to shake as something moved through them.

The shaking increased in violence as a creature approached the balcony. The various residents of the weaver bird colony began to fly around in agitation, and I wondered what new egg-stealing beast was threatening my little weavers.

With one final branch-bouncing motion, a monkey emerged among the foliage, clearly eyeing the various bird nests littered among the branches. Between the birds’ screeching and the dogs’ barking, it was audible chaos.

Then my son, concerned for the wellbeing of the next weaver generation, began tossing dry dog food pellets at the invader. Eventually, the monkey got the message and leaped through the trees and onto the neighbor’s roof.

All I can say is it’s a good thing monkeys don’t eat books or kindles. Then we’d really have a problem. But enough monkey business.

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I do adore the Victorian era. Here’s a dark Gothic fantasy set in Victorian London that looks interesting, and at 99c, it’s hard to beat price-wise. Could mankind’s greatest enemy also be its only hope? Find out here:



2 Comments on “more monkey business

  1. Ahhh Vered….
    I desperately require book two of the Cosey Tea Shoppe. It’s a compulsion. Addiction.
    Just finished posting 5 stars and a most complimentary (to you) review on Kobo. I love Mrs Timmons. Errr…Knight. and Koki too. Okay, I adore all the characters.
    Thank you for sharing your imagination with we who have none.

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