Potholes & new years

If you’re looking for safe topics of conversation beyond the weather, why not discuss road conditions? It’s a popular topic in Nairobi, especially given the number of potholes we endure. Sometimes desperate residents take the matter into their own hands and fill in the tire-devouring holes. City Council tends to discourage such initiatives, unless of course you pay a little something for the privilege of fixing the road.

My husband and I were driving near our house one evening. The road had deteriorated dramatically over the past few months. We both came to a shocking realization which resulted in the following conversation.

“Would you look at that? The potholes… They’re all fixed.”

“You may be right. Someone definitely filled them with something. At least they tried.”

“They did more than try. They didn’t just use dirt or gravel. They actually topped the holes with asphalt.”

“Impressive, indeed.”

“I wonder if City Council did this?”

We both burst out laughing. We eventually recovered and wiped tears of mirth from under our eyes.

“City Council, doing their job without being bribed. Definitely a Christmas miracle.”

“I think it’s easier to believe in Santa Claus.”

“You mean, Santa Claus came and fixed the potholes?”

“Yup. But he forgot to pay City Council a bribe to get the permit to fix the road. They’ll soon want to know who dared do such an outrageous act.”

“What will we tell them?”

“Hmm… The truth, of course. That Santa Claus did the job. And he was ably assisted by his elves and reindeer.”

“I’d believe that. Easier than believing City Council did it. It is indeed a Christmas miracle.”

“I wonder what City Council would say if we actually told them we saw Santa Claus fixing potholes?”

“They’d ask for a bribe.”

Here’s to a great, pothole-free 2020!

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