Reframing things

Remember sometime last year (feels like last century) when I mentioned a cluttered kitchen drawer? And Kiara and I decided to clean out the drawer? This seemingly innocent activity somehow led us to clean and reorganize ALL the kitchen drawers, plus the storage room under our house. We then bought a set of bookshelves and had to sort through a mountain of books. And of course that naturally required us to re-paint the living room and buy another water tank.

I can blame all of the above on COVID lockdown. Because what else are you going to do when you basically have to stay at home all day, every day. For weeks. And months. With the same people…

The renovations haven’t stopped. Last week, we decided our living room needs moldings. They’re kind of like jewelry for walls. They fit over the intersection between wall and ceiling. After it was done, I couldn’t stop staring. The moldings created a frame for the room. It made the blank white ceiling feel like a piece of art.

Re-framing makes a big difference. Prof. Runal (Director of the Society for Paranormals) is a case in point. Depending on the frame (or the story), he’s either a great guy or… well, we’re not really quite sure, are we?

But in Miss Knight & the Pyramid’s Puzzle, Prof. Runal is just an ordinary werewolf working a normal job in upper management, trying to stop a war and steal back an artifact. And in that frame, he looks pretty good. You can find this prequel to the main Society series in all major online stores. More details over here.


Vered “Still staring at the ceiling” Ehsani

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