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The Cozy Mystery Insider focuses on all things cozy. Definitely books, but also TV, movies, real-life stuff and other related topics. And of course monkeys on the roof, ghosts in the garden, and the occasional visit by a Popobawa.

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Vered “Inside Scoop” Ehsani

PS: I’m open to suggestions and cozy recommendations, so add them to the comments!

PS again: I will no longer be posting updates on this website, so the only way to keep in touch and informed is through the Cozy Mystery Insider.

5 Comments on “The Cozy Mystery Insider

  1. I will miss Change is hard on some people. As I age into oblivion I find myself fighting against change simply to retain the familiar, the remembered. Ah well – PROGRESS! Aye, “Progress” they say, chanting in time with the thuds of the apparatus churning newness into the internet LOLOLOL!

    I’ve signed on and signed up – You may Cozy at Will,Vered Ehsani!

          • ‘…we are gathered together not to mourn, but to celebrate the life of as it passes into a Static State. Could we please have a Moment of Silence and join in silent memory…’ 😂

            Now That’s a ‘Site-side Service’ for a page, am I right? But you have to decide someone to give the eulogy – perhaps it could be accomplished by a character, with an online event and gathering for virtual cocktails and canapes, after, at the new site! All the characters could be there – online Cos-play or some such. It’s kicky, it’s zany – but this could work, Vered. Best send-off ever for an author web-page going static.

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