The past 16 months

Last week I shared the release date of my first new book in almost a year: Witch Time for Tea.  And I promised to give you a taster of the new Wavily Witches series. But first, let’s deal with the important stuff: what beverage goes best with reading?

I received a lot of responses about your beverages of choice. Most of you naturally mentioned tea (well done). A few of you said it depends on the book, which makes sense. A book is like a meal and therefore great care must be taken in selecting what you consume alongside the story.

While Miss Knight was an Earl Gray fan through and through, Evian Wavily prefers green tea, especially Japanese green tea. And if you really want to get specific, looseleaf Japanese green tea with roasted rice. Not surprisingly, that’s also my personal favorite.

Now onto another question: why has it been almost a year since I published anything? As many of you know, I joined a writing studio. Why? Because I love writing. But the business of publishing requires most authors to do more than write.

When self publishing my books, I had to do all the NOT writing (ie NOT fun) things: figure out how to market my books (ugh), manage cover creation and edits, and do all the fiddly techie stuff that takes me away from writing.

I joined the studio to have a team that does all the NOT writing stuff so I can focus on what I love: writing. Result? I’ve written 13 new books and a couple short stories in the past 16 months. Being part of the studio also gives me a second family, a tight-knit group of authors with whom to bounce ideas and to hone my craft.

The Wavily Witches is a new cozy mystery series set in Tea Town, Kenya in the tea-growing highlands around modern-day Nairobi. It begins with Witch Time for Tea, coming out on 12 August (two weeks to go!). But it won’t end there.

I’ll be sharing a book roughly every month with you for the foreseeable future as well as new covers on my old work. And oh WOW, the cover designer is a genius. I almost fell into my teapot when I saw the Wavily Witches covers. They’re that stunning.

And now drum roll please. Check out an excerpt over here to keep you going until I email next week with a cover reveal.



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