Why you should check inside your shoes

A gecko took up refuge in my running shoe the other day. I didn’t know this until AFTER I started putting on the shoe. As I stuffed my foot in, I felt a rubbery item under my toes and naturally thought (as one does), “What’s an elastic band doing in here?”

When the elastic band squirmed, it didn’t dawn on me that perhaps my assessment of the situation was incorrect. Instead, I stuck my finger in to remove the item. It in turn wiggled past my hand and landed on the floor by my chair. We shared a wide-eyed moment, that gecko and I, one I hope never to repeat.

I have since then decided that perhaps I shouldn’t leave my running shoes outside.

Well, enough about geckos. I want to share something cool that my musically talented cousin is doing. Elika lives in Beijing (she’s been there for YEARS) and has produced a number of albums. If you like inspirational or meditative music, you’ll love her work.

For her upcoming album, she’s experimenting with Kickstarter and offering some amazing gifts. You can check it out over here — https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1009525680/elika-mahonys-new-album — scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find several of her music videos. Enjoy!

And now I’m off to check that my slippers are lizard-free.

Vered “Going Barefoot” Ehsani

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