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Monkey season has begun

Monkey season arrived in its typically noisy fashion a couple mornings ago. This fact was announced around sunrise with the baying of dogs. Cursing my hounds and any other living creature willing to demand my attention before I’ve had my

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Africa Creates New Year Giveaway

So… Happy New Year! And to launch 2018 in style, I’m giving away a few African curios. These handmade treasures are unique, beautiful and make great gifts (in the unlikely case you don’t want to keep them yourself). Prizes include:

A teacup of death has arrived

Have you ever wondered how different cultures imagine Death? Hint: the African version doesn’t carry a scythe and he doesn’t appreciate nicknames (even if he is grim at times). Find out more in the latest adventure of Miss Knight and

Death has arrived – in a teacup…

I’m super excited about the upcoming release of Death in a Teacup. The adventure and emotions intensify in the second book of the Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery series. Here’s a sip for your teatime pleasure…   Chapter 1 of Death in

The Student & the Slave

Take a look at this exciting new young adult action and adventure novel, The Student and the Slave, now available for purchase. This is the third book in the Krillonian Chronicles, after The Collar and the Cavvarach and The Gladiator and the