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Ever since I started reading your books (Society for Paranormals, Cozy Tea Shoppe and Ghost Post series), I have wanted to express my appreciation. Your stories are like nothing I’ve ever read before. They are witty, charming, exciting, fanciful and quite simply a true delight, not to mention a perfect escape from all of the ills that seem to plague our world. I simply cannot wait for the next adventure.

Joan LaRoche, Canada

Praise for Ghosts of Tsavo


A quirky and lovely spin through sweltering Nairobi, this story will have readers cheering… The use of Victorian English is probably the best example ever, outside actual Victorian texts. Beatrice is a spunky, determined woman, but at the same time wholly a model of Victorian females. Every character is fleshed out—truly odd, but completely normal within this weird world. Fans of historicals and paranormal will love every minute of this story!

InD’tale Magazine

I knew within the first few pages I would love this story and the quirky and practical Beatrice Knight. Her voice is charming and authentic, and she and her supporting cast leap from the pages… Imagine Mary Poppins as a paranormal detective. Yes, that delightful. I adored the characters — humans and non-humans, and find myself even now smiling over their antics and funny quirks. 

Goodreads Review

I loved everything about it. From the plot to the characters to the exotic setting, every aspect of the story fascinated me. I particularly enjoyed Bee’s sense of humor and her complicated relationship with her overly-attached husband. A special mention goes to Mr. Timmons who is enigmatic and charming and infuriating, but all in the right measure.

Amazon Review

Wish it didn’t end. I was intrigued with the characters and their adventures and can’t wait for a sequel. The Author made them come alive on the page. This is a great series that would be perfect for movies.

Amazon Review

The Voice took hold of me from page one and refused to let me go. This was a very enjoyable read. The plot was fun! The characters were–OMW–adorable. I enjoyed this book immensely! It was just a fabulously, pleasant read. Unique. The pacing was great. Yeah. Loved it!

Amazon Review

It blew me away! The main character is lovable and extremely believable – she is layered and complex which I love to find because I often find characters can be flat. The plot is fast-paced and gripping and the way it has been written is reminiscent of the time it’s set – highly recommended.

Goodreads Review

I couldn’t put it down… It’s unique and refreshingly funny. I can’t wait for the next one to come along.

Amazon Review

Excellent book! After having slogged through so many disappointing indie authors, finally one with some real imagination and style. Would recommend for anyone who likes Elizabeth Peterson’s Egyptology books.

Amazon Review

I heartily begrudged doing anything, including eating (one of my favorite things to do), until I had finished reading this book. Without meaning to, I found myself pulled into the story and so eager to learn what happened next, I ignored everything else I was supposed to do. I heartily recommend putting yourself in the same position.

Amazon Review

It was much funnier than I expected… a slapdash paranormal mystery, heavy on the funny. I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you’re a fan of wit. I’m delighted to find it’s one of a series and I’m quite looking forward to reading the rest of them.

Amazon Review

Dear Vered, I first want to thank you for writing books that are a fun, great read! I mostly take Nora Roberts / JD Robb, C. Coulter and Kay Hopper with me to my chemo sessions. I have now added you to my “Helping the mind run away while this is being done” list! I am up to Book 7. Again, thank you for all the enjoyment you bring.

M. Wood

Praise for The Automaton’s Wife


I loved the first book in this series and I loved the second as well. The character of Beatrice is getting even more interesting and I can’t get enough of her relationship with Mr. Timmons. I can’t wait for the next book! I adored the language, the period, and the place of the story. Another winner!

Amazon Review

Beatrice Knight is a force to reckon with, and the characters populating her stories are both delightful and maddening, but always interesting.  I truly enjoyed the witty and engaging narrative style, the exotic setting, and the plot that had me devouring pages to get to the end of the story. A must read for anyone interested in Regency paranormal with a strong sense of humour.

Amazon Review

I adored the first book in this series, and I was equally captivated by this one! Bee is certainly engaging and funny, and I really enjoy the interplay between her and Mr. Timmons. I must say I was agreeably surprised by Lilly’s character growth, and I’m glad to see Bee now has someone (two, counting Jonas!) within the household who’s part of her inner circle, more or less. I am eagerly awaiting book 3 – never has June seemed so long away!

Amazon Review

I really loved this book. There were some places I had a hard time getting through as I was laughing so much. I enjoy paranormal books and to have one with so much humor is really refreshing. I wish there were more books with humor and less violence. This really is a must read.

Amazon Review

This series is inventive and delightful. I truly enjoy reading the humorous prose, written in an enchanting Victorian dialect… Read this book, and you’ll surely find yourself enjoying the entire series.

Amazon Review

Praise for Revenge of the Mantis


I can’t say enough good things about this series. I read all three books in 2 days… They were very refreshing and kept me in stitches. I almost didn’t read them as I thought the first book started out a little silly. I am so glad I gave it try. I can not wait for the next book.

Amazon Review

I wanted to savor this book. I’ve already fallen in love with the characters, learned even more about them, and can’t wait to find out even more — and I wanted to just hang out with them as I settled back into what is now to me the familiar setting of Nairobi in the late 1800s. But no! This book just had to be so exciting, with a battle scene that takes your breath away and a declaration of love that leaves you just as breathless. I cannot wait for book four.

Amazon Review

Dear Ms. Ehsani, As one of your gentle readers, might I endeavour you to rely on paranormals to assist you in making ready Book 4 of your series? August is much too far away for readers such as ourselves to breathlessly await the next installment. The indomitable yet enchanting Mrs. Knight, as well as her sturdy and fantastical cohorts, are ever in our minds. Please do consider our plight. Perhaps the assistance of a certain lightning god would be in order?

Amazon Review

I enjoyed this book and had to get the others in the series!

Amazon Review

Praise for Dragon’s Mind

“When Dragon’s true nature comes to light, Myth is forced into a fast paced, exciting rescue mission where she must rely on his disembodied voice to save them. A cast of interesting characters, high tech goodies and humorous banter makes this book fun and fast reading.”

An review

“I really liked the main character Myth. The story itself was very fast moving. What I liked most was the fun interactions between Myth and Dragon. This book had a lot more humor in it than I expected. I recommend this one if you are looking for a fast fun sci fi read.”

“The storyline was very easy to immerse myself in, which enabled me to finish it pretty fast. Very enjoyable, and I will be looking out for the sequel.”

Praise for Lethal Takeout

“I truly enjoyed reading Lethal Takeout and look forward to reading the next installment of The Ghost Post Mystery series. This book is suitable for adults and YA.”

 “I enjoyed this book with its light humor and interesting blend of ghost story and mystery. The dialog between the characters and the interactions between the ghosts and the people was snappy and entertaining.”

“Just reading the title made me wonder, what could be lethal about takeout? As I read this book by talented author, Vered Ehsani, all my questions were answered. The characters in the story are likeable and eccentric. The storyline is crisp and moves at an enjoyable readable pace. There is humor, which is sometime dark, but will have you chuckling out loud.”

Praise for Diary of a Part-Time Ghost

Diary Cover

“…a fun, easy, and enjoyable read! It had the right mix of adventure and humor.”

A review

“It will keep you hooked until the last page and you certainly don’t need to be a ghost or a kid to enjoy it.”

John Rykken, author of Bloodwood

“I would recommend this to any YA/Juvenile fiction lovers. It’s a light and easy read that will surprise you with all of its twists and turns.”

“A very captivating and interesting read, Vered Ehsani has done an excellent job… Genuinely enjoyable…”

Praise for Where Shadows Dance

WhereShadowsDance small

“This is an awesome book! I love the way Author Vered Ehsani didn’t leave my mind hanging for a second. Once I picked up her book I didn’t put it down till I was done. Vered opened my mind up to Ghost, I loved it!”

“…there are some big secrets that come to light that almost made my head spin. There are so very many ways this series can go that it’s really kinda awesome. Fun with a nice historical twist, the idea that negativity breeds more negativity is still alive and well in this installment.”


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  1. I absolutely adore your stories!! I have read all of the paranormal society series and the cozy tea shoppe series… about to start on some of the others you’ve written. Kind of sad it won’t include Mrs Knight and all of her awesome adventures lol I’m sure they will be just as adventurous though!!

  2. i just finished The Fourth Mandate and once again the intrepid and dryly witty Mrs Knight holds her own against all paranormal baddies! Even having another encounter with Koki which turned out not so perfectly for our heroine didn’t seem to phase her. The story is getting deeper, the baddies are getting badder–what’s not to love! Hoping to be able to read the rest of this serirs! Unusual characters and plotlines skewed just far enough!

  3. Hi my name is Carl but everyone knows me as Bobby, after living in Spain for 20 years I decided to come back home to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, as you know about 7 weeks ago we were hit with a massive hurricane category 5, the eye of the storm exited through the NW part of the island which is were I live, long story short, if it wasn’t for the paranormal mysteries series and Mrs. Knight the aftermath would have been unbearable, still with no power we depend on the generator that gives us a few hours at the time to communicate with the world….I have read all 7 cases and now just finished Murder for tea, I cannot wait for the next installment….Thank you from the bottom of my heart as it has been a challenge just to do the day to day after the hurricane…
    P.S. To all readers out there, these are magnificent, entertaining and well written stories I recommend Vered Eshanis books to be for all ages….. and for everyone to enjoy…..for me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Hey Bobby – thanks for your lovely message on my site. It thrills me that you enjoy my books and they have made life a bit easier. A good friend of mine is from Puerto Rico and her family is still there, so I know how challenging it had been for everyone. My prayers go out to all of you.

  4. The Mantis in a Cage..
    Must say I enjoyed reading this very short story,
    I am glad that I did as I normally don’t read anything like this.
    So I am looking forward into the future of reading more from this

  5. I have just finished reading all of the Society of Paranormals books including Mantis & the Cage and can’t tell you how much I loved them all. I no sooner finished one and couldn’t wait to continue on to the next. I spent many days doing nothing but reading them ( lucky to be retired) and found myself enthralled in the wonderful characters and your amazing style of writing. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read your other books.

  6. Vered, I just finished reading “A Spider come calling”. I loved it, it was late when I started reading it , but when I got into it I could not put it down until I finished it.

  7. I just finished your new short – oh sadly – oh so short story The Mantis and the Cage. I was totally intrigued by it. Following every grasping quick change of characters and scenes was delightful. PLEASE CONTINUE THIS TALE!

    • Hi Anne – thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the story of the Mantis – I did as well! And I plan to continue her story at a later date.



  8. Well, Vered, I haven’t been this captured up in new reads since, well, I don’t remember when. I am looking forward to the next chapters of Beatrice Knight Timmons adventures. I love her spunky, British charmisms, and all the paranormal people she deals with. (with or without her really wanting to.). Thank you for your good works.

  9. I have had the pleasure of reading all of your paranormal books. The way you keep developing your characters so they evolve and become different people (or creatures) is totally engrossing. I love turning each new page to see what new thing is coming up. Keep the new-ness coming.

    • Thanks Anne – I’m so glad you enjoyed the series! Book 5 is coming out sometime soon. Let me know if you get a chance to post any reviews. I give free short stories as a thank you, since reviews really make a difference for authors.


  10. Loved this book and am looking forward to reading all her other books in this series. What a spunkie leading lady. Very much reminded me of Elizabeth Peters.

    • Thanks Roseanne! I’ve never read Elizabeth Peters’ work, but I will have to now! I’ve sent you a short story about Gideon Knight – enjoy.


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