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I’ve been a writer since I could hold pen to paper, which is a lot longer than I care to admit. When I’m not writing, I pretend to work as an environmental consultant. Don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way?!

My first story was about a naughty unicorn. I wrote it out by hand when I was seven years old (this was way before the computer got personal). I illustrated every page with candy-coloured pencil crayons.

It was the first and last time I did my own cover art.

I always hesitate when people ask me where I’m from. There’s no one-word answer to that. Born in South Africa and raised in Canada, I’ve lived in Kenya since mid-2000 with my husband, our two children and other amusing animals. You can find photos of our home over here.

ABOUT MY WORLD: from Africa, with a Bite!

Currently I am immersed in the world of Mrs. Beatrice Knight and the Society for Paranormals, where African Myth meets Victorian Manners. The paranormal obviously plays a big role, as do quirky humour, African mythology, colonial history and tea. Lots of tea. Society for Paranormals is a series concerning dead husbands, African legends and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

If, like me, you adore “Pride & Prejudice”, enjoy cozy mysteries, appreciate British humour, and wouldn’t mind an “Out of Africa” safari with a supernatural twist, then this is the series for you.

Mrs. Knight has been favourably compared to Alexis Tarabotti, Amelia Peabody, Miss Marple, Miss Peregrine and Mary Poppins! One reader described Mrs. Knight as “Jane Austen meets Lara Croft“!

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The hubby & me


So many ways, so little time, so choose the one that works for you: Email me — vered (at) veredehsani.com — Or leave a comment on this blog.



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20 Comments on “About Me

  1. Dear Vered,
    I have just discovered your books and love them! I am on The Fourth Mandate right now and can’t wait to keep going. I love Bee’s sassy and fearless attitude. I have to say I also really love reading about Jonas. It seems I can picture him so well in my mind. I also love reading your emails about your family and where you live. Africa seems so different from Texas (where I live) that it is fascinating! More stories of any kind please!

  2. Hello Vered,
    thank you so much for untertaining us. your books are fun, witty and deep.
    currently immerged in “the 4th mandate” …. until the next one
    aix en provence
    (we have some wolves there)

  3. I will be waiting with bells on for the next book also. I live in Canada also on the Atlantic shores of New Brunswick. I was born in Finland and moved here at the age of almost 3. So am basically a Finnish-Acadian, as I went to and graduated from an all French school system.
    I like reading about legends, history, paranormal, and you books have it all and then some.
    Keep up the wonderful writing you have a new fan for life.

  4. Hi,
    I got the 4 book special on Kobo and I have to say, I loved it. I was looking for some Steampunk novels and I thought that I would give them a try. They were not at all what I expected, but in this particular case it was a positive surprise. I loved the humor, as well as the exotic location – exotic for an Austrian who now lives in Canada at least – and I’m ready for more.

    • Hey Markus – so glad you enjoyed the box set! I’m polishing up book 7 and it should be out by early January, assuming I’m not eaten by any lions over the holidays.


  5. I LOVED the ghosts of Tsavo, and know the story by Colonel Patterson very well. I have a huge selection of non fiction books on East and South Africa, having been raised in what was the British Bechuanaland, where my father was a mission doctor at what is now Moffats Mission.
    I found Miss Bee a riot, and such a full character, great descriptions of herself and her stout walking stick! The other characters are wonderful….I love the comment about the Bemused natives. I find the same thing here in Belize, Central America, where I am living after retiring 10 years ago. I occasionally get odd looks when I’m driving…I have a pink fluffy steering wheel cover keeping the wheel cool in the heat of the day. It’s rather fun to be considered different, and that is just what Bee is….Different!
    I bought the 4 book boxed set, and can’t wait to hit the bedroom later to start the next one!

  6. Hello there! I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Ghosts of Tsavo,and That night in Lagos. I love Bee,a kind of Jane Austen meets Lara Croft,without the weapons,lol. I was born in Kenya,so I’m partial to the setting,but your books are much more than that.Your writing is wonderful and your imagination,doubly so! Cant wait to get my hands on the rest of the books.Maybe I’ll have them signed one day. Funny story,my kids,who were not born in Kenya,couldn’t say jongoo,they used to say jongololo…imagine my surprise when I met the shongololo,and found out that’s what they’re called in South Africa! Happy writing,looking forward to the rest of the series.

    • Hi Wahida – thanks for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first book in the series, as well as the prequel! I love your description of Mrs Knight: “Jane Austen meets Lara Croft” – I’m going to have to use that phrase now!!!
      If you are interested in the rest of the series, you may consider buying the box set, which will save you 45% over buying the books individually. Let me know if you get a chance to leave a review anywhere – I give reviewers a short story to say thanks.
      Where in Kenya were you born?

      • Yes,I’m looking into buying the set.Im partial to real books over ebooks,so I might just have to order them. I was born in Mombasa and miss it and family very much. Living in the Middle East after marriage,but visit every other year,so your books bring back many memories that will hopefully fill the wait between visits.

        • So I bought the set,and I’m in so much trouble! I can’t put them down,not getting much sleep,lol. But I love the stories,and seriously your descriptions are amazing. I’m on The fourth mandate now,a book a a day,oh dear,I’m running out of your books…no pressure or anything but how’s the writing going? Thanks 😄Wahida.

          • Haha! So happy you are enjoying the series. Book 5 – Curse of the Nandi – is out. I’m almost finished the first draft of book 6. If you get a chance, leave reviews and I’ll send you short stories about the characters.


  7. Great to find a new series to enjoy! My preferred genre are Mystery & Fantasy – always delighted to find good crossovers! I confess that in the few first pages of ‘Ghosts of Tsavo’ that Bee was a tiresome Amelia wanna-bee, but I was quickly interested in her and engaged with her world. Not waiting for more Book Bub deals, ordering the boxed set immediately! And signed up for your e-mail, so looking forward to those bonus stories as well.

    Now, the question is How fast do you write, because I have a sad tendency to gobble up good series like Snickers bars…

    • Hi Elaine – Watch out for those Snicker bars! Glad you are enjoying the series. I’ve been told Mrs Knight bears some resemblance to Amelia Peabody, although I’ve never read that series.

      Book 5 is currently being edited, and then I have to do a polish or two on it. I’m aiming for a May release, maybe sooner depending on how much my day job interferes with my life. And I’m just about to start book 6. Not sure if I can keep up with a Snicker-gobbling pace, but let’s see!

      If you get a chance, leave a review and let me know. I give out free short stories to reviewers.



  8. Hi Vered,

    Thanks for the “Ghosts of Tsavo,” and the other two books. I left feedback for “Ghosts of Tsavo.” I enjoyed it very much!

    I see that you like the Amelia Peabody series, by Elizabeth Peters, as I do, as well. I was sad about Peabody and Emerson getting old and fading from the scene. I liked it best when Ramses was a precocious child, setting the baby lion free, and making bargains with the archeological competition on his parents’ behalf for the choicest dig sites. I suppose that they couldn’t go on forever, given “Elizabeth Peters'” age. It should be like James Bond, where the “torch” for the new Bond stories is passed on to new writers –although I lost interest in bond when Roger Moore and Sean Connery stopped playing “Bond.” I used to tell Rich, that Sean Connery was the only man who I’d leave my husband for, and would you believe it–Rich met Sean, while Rich worked at Disney World, and told him. Sean told him that I was too late, as he was happily married, and had been for many years! Pity! That Scottish accent makes my toes curl, even if Sean is almost one hundred!

    If my husband’s family members had followed the rules, my married last name would be “Bond” or “Bonds.” I told Rich that he can’t die before me, or I’m changing my last name! I believe that is why he’s found the strength to keep going on for me and Brooks–that and the fact that I told him that if he dies, I’m cremating his Pooh Bear with him! I’ve packed up that hideously worn out bear in his shoe box, and traveled from one side of the country and back again, with it, because he won’t let me put it out of my misery. It doesn’t even look like a Pooh Bear anymore. It looks rather like someone repeatedly drove a bulldozer back and forth over it at a construction site, then gave it to a pair of slobbering Bulldogs to drag around and play tug of war with it, for all of their natural born lives, buried it for a while, dragged it out for a hurricane or a dozen, and multiple rainstorms, rolled it around in the mud, napped on it for weeks, then threw it in a shoebox!!! I hate that toy, it’s really ugly, and super creepy looking!!!


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