Out of Africa & into my home

Some of you have asked for photos. I don’t usually include these in my emails, because some email providers don’t like photos (they either block them or spam the whole email). So I’ve put some up here for your visual enjoyment!

In a previous post, I mentioned an adorable, vicious carnivore that likes to hang out on our balcony at night. Here’s what small spotted genets look like.
Speaking of wild animals in the neighbourhood, this hyena was caught on camera while strolling down our street! We were warned to keep a close watch on our small kids and smaller dogs. Eventually the hyena was captured and relocated.
Here’s our balcony. When I’m at home, I tend to be found in the corner seat.
And here’s the view I get from my balcony seat.
Not quite so wild, Mara (black dog) & Pluto defend the territory.
Pluto is a Great Dane – Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and weighs only 60 kg (130lbs).
We love bougainvillea. The hardy plant is at its best in the dry season.
Over the December holidays, we packed up the family and dared to take them to Aberdare National Park where there was no electricity and – gasp – no internet. We all survived. I also managed to take a very rare photo of my 16 year old son Jalal. Those are water buffalo in the background.
Despite an altitude of 3,187m (10,500ft) and nights cold enough to leave ice sheets on the cabin roof, elephants roam the area. This photo isn’t about elephants, but I did like the waterfall!
Here is the hubbie protecting me from rampaging wildlife…
Can’t get enough hugs. Here my daughter, Kiara, and I admire a waterfall.
The hubby, me & a baby elephant










Lots of great hikes to enjoy!


On a totally different note: as part of a school project, my daughter Kiara and her friend set up a website on food waste. Go give it some love! End food waste now!

Also don’t forget to listen to Ghosts of Tsavo on Amazon’s Audible. If you download the free Kindle version of the book over HERE at Amazon, you get the audio book version at a 78% discount!!!

You can also find the audio HERE on iTunes.

91 Comments on “Out of Africa & into my home

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your books, TWICE! I used to live in Kenya so it has a really special place in my heart <3 I wanted to ask if you have any plans to write more of the Cozy Tea Shoppe Mysteries? Rach 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of your home and family! It makes no sense, but I love putting a face to the author and knowing how much you love your home just makes the stories of Africa even better! Thank you so much for the wonderful books!

  3. Loved the tour of your home and family and area. It is 100% different than my loved home/area in Montana , US.
    I so enjoy your humor in the newsletters and look forward to getting them.
    I really enjoyed your ‘free book’ and WILL get in to write a review :->
    Your daughters website on food waste is great. We have big chain company — here in Billings- & when people return anything, even unopened, it is destroyed. Out-dated food is thrown out. I wish a group would start talking all grocery stores to give outdated foods to food pantry. Lol, my food is always outdated at home..
    Anyway- your writing , and emails are a breath of fresh air.

  4. What an amazing place to live! I can’t imagine myself there, but maybe 40 years ago…Thank you for showing, I’m off to explore more of it and your site 🙂

  5. Your daughters web site is awesome. There are countries that have community store areas with food that is free. Produce that isn’t perfect, leftovers from restaurants, food close to expire date, etc. Anyone who needs it can take it. Some places even have cooking and cleaning areas for the homeless.

  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Unbelievable to be able to see such cool animals. We only have opossum, raccoonand squirrels in our yard this time of year. Also, I am enjoying your stories very much during a cold winter.

  7. Pluto is so beautiful. Mara is too, but I have a soft spot for danes and dane mixes. I have a Great Dane/Chow Chow mix named Nutty Buddy, but he looks more like a black Labrador Retriever. I’m really enjoying your books.

  8. Loved your pics, you have a lovely family and a beautiful home, I am jealous as I live in the UK and it’s autumn and getting colder, I loved all your books I have read.
    Again thank you for sharing your family and home with us all x

  9. Terrific, Vered: what beautiful photos! My ‘kids’ are both middle-aged and STILL hate getting their photo taken. Just this past week, a friend in the UK recommended your books to me, and I (in Canada) am happily launched into the first of the series. Enjoying the freebies very much, and telling like-minded friends what treats you create for us readers!

  10. Thank you for sharing your home, your family and your pets! What a wonderful garden you have – mine is quite different, as I live in Germany. Sadly, no bougainvilleas for me …
    I had to smile reading your comment concerning the photo of your son. My son is almost 18, and photos are a veritable rarity.
    Thank you for having such a nice time reading your books, that is to say, I’ve recently read the first one, so I’m in for a treat, the next books are waiting on my reader for my holiday coming in August.

  11. Thanks for sharing those great photos of your home and your family. It is always a pleasure to see somewhere different from where I live

  12. Vered, I really enjoyed looking at your photos! We used to have 3 lovely bougainvilleas in our front courtyard, but we had a bad frost several years ago that damaged them. We gave them 2 years to recover, but then we decided to replace them with 3 yellow jasmines last spring. We hope that they really take off this spring/summer. We live in sunny Mesa, Arizona where it rarely gets very cold.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! So lush! … I’m a bit jealous though! Drove through a bit of a blizzard yesterday so your warm weather is enticing! Great, great books BTW! Keep them coming!

  14. Wow!! You have a wonderful view. I love your Conner seat, so nice. Your dog’s are great. Our Moochie was to get to 45 pounds. Well She ended at 75. But your home view is great. The water fall is beautiful, you are right. You have a nice family. My kids are grown, I have seven grandkids and two an a half great grandkids. I have one getting married in the summer. Man time goes to fast. Keep your books coming thanks

  15. Great pictures. What a great place to live in, I am jealous of both you and your family. We have some wonderful places to visit in New Zealand, but the wildlife cannot compare to what you get to see everyday. Keep the books coming, love them all.

  16. Loved the Pictures, It made me miss Africa, I spent 6 weeks in 2006, 5 weeks traveling around South Africa, and 1 week in Livingstone, Zambia. I stayed at a resort next to Victoria Falls, with visits to Boswana to go to Chobe National Park, where I went on a water and land safari. I also had the pleasure of riding an African Elephant while there… It was such a awesome adventure… I want to return again someday..

  17. Thanks for sharing pics! Beautiful there, love seeing wildlife from different places ( and the animals too!). 😉😎😇

  18. Your surroundings are the things that dreams are made from. I envy you, a little, little bit. Here in Canada we also have many places that are gorgeous, too, maybe in a different way, considering the weather. We are soon into our spring season, with the rebirth of colourful flowers and green, green everywhere! It was very good of you, to share pictures of your loved ones and the beautiful place that you reside in. Thank You. Nessie.

  19. Thanks for the photos. I’d send you some of our place, but since the tornado of November, 2013 It would be depressing. Do you have a fireplace? I could send you some firewood. We occupy our time cutting splitting, and stacking. We have an overabundance .
    Unlike Wisconsin, here in northwest Indiana, yesterday it was 70 and tomorrow it will be in the 30s.
    P.s., I keep hoping for more stories of Vancouver.

  20. Lol I hate auto predictions for tablets nice but not always the words the old wolf wanted! I know why beta readers, editors and proof readers etc are used and even then these computers got minds of their own lmao! Take care! Hugs!

  21. Such beauty around you and a great looking family my friend! Today thru tomorrow we are to get between 25.5 to 33 centimeters of wet snow with winds of upwards 40miles per hour or blizzard strength if the blow at least 35mph or more for 3 hours! Not going very far just drinking coffee from Tanzania which a great coffee. I love to grab the peaberry as I think it’s better! I make ten cups in a Cuisinart stainless steel coffee maker & carafe also stainless steel thermos which keeps it screeching hot for up to 6 to 7 hours straight! I also enjoy the Vietnamese coffee from the Dalat area of Vietnam it’s a Robusta bean and the Tanzania is arabica coffee beans! There are for types of coffees in the world and all can be found on amazon. My two dogs are doing well and hip has healed as much as it will ever heal up but that is life! Your wild cat looks beautiful but it i think should be left alone! The garden is stunning and the house is too! Love the dogs! Sending you hugs and friendship from the old wolf up in Northwest Wisconsin chat soon. Coffee time!

  22. Lovely view. Moving to Ecuador soon, so no elephants. I’ll settle for humingbirds, more species than anywhere else, and jaguars.

  23. Beautiful, lush, serene…really nice view, the flower vines are too awesome! Thanks for sharing your home and family with us! I just added whispersync to The Ghosts of Tsavo…a glimpse of your home was the push I needed to get reading again! 😝💜

  24. Beautiful! Your garden is like ours, full of lush greenery. I retired to live in Belize. The bougainvillea is so gorgeous. Do you have other colors? It amazes me how different Africa can be from place to place. When I lived there, in what is now Botswana, we were lucky if we ever saw a tree in bloom, except in the rains. The spotted Genet is very pretty….but I know from experience that they can be mean….a shame, I’d love one as a pet… :))
    Hugs, and thank you for sharing!

  25. Great pictures and it was great to put a face and family with one of my favorite authors. Jus started reading your books in the last couple of months but love them.
    I’m from Dover, Delaware in the USA. I am going to try planting some of the bougainvillea and see how it does at my home. It’s beautiful.
    Thank you and all my best to you,
    Madonna Jacobs

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