The Sound of Stories

Long before we invented written language, we were telling stories. The urge to share the details of an event or the latest gossip is part of human nature.

Oral story telling is still an integral part of many African cultures. And now it’s making a resurgence in other parts of the world through the advent of audio books.

I’m super excited to announce that ‘Ghosts of Tsavo’ is now available in audio! And the narrator is awesome. She sounds just like Beatrice Knight. Alison Larkin is an internationally acclaimed comedienne and an award-winning audio book narrator. She also happens to adore ‘Pride & Prejudice’ as much as I do, and does a brilliant job at narrating Victorian culture. It helps that she has a delicious British accent.

You’ll be hearing more about her later (she’s working on the second book). For now, I’d love you to listen to a sample of ‘Ghosts of Tsavo’ on Audible (Amazon’s audio book store).

Go to Amazon’s Audible and listen to a sample of ‘Ghosts of Tsavo’.

And here’s a sweet deal: if you download the free Kindle version of the book over HERE at Amazon, you get the audio book version at a 78% discount!!!

You can also find the audio on iTunes

Let me know what you think. Can you picture Miss Knight as you listen?

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