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Monkey season has begun

Monkey season arrived in its typically noisy fashion a couple mornings ago. This fact was announced around sunrise with the baying of dogs. Cursing my hounds and any other living creature willing to demand my attention before I’ve had my

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Here’s what makes me shudder!

Having lived in Nairobi for 16 years, I figure I’m fairly acclimatized and acculturated. So imagine my response when a monkey climbed through my office window, grabbed my apple and sat on my desk to eat it. Was I as

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Order #4 : Get a Free Novella!

Great News! Case #4 in the Society for Paranormals series is now on sale!!! The Fourth Mandate picks up where Revenge of the Mantis left off. Here’s the skinny: Having offered her firm and unequivocal resignation, Beatrice Knight is certain she

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When Roofs Leak & Books Sell

You remember when I wrote last time about the arrival of the rainy season? And how happy I was? Well, I wasn’t so happy a few nights ago. Rains are great, unless… You haven’t cleaned the gutters in a while. And

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African Rains & a Book Sale

It’s been a while, but do I have news! First, it started raining in Kenya. This is big news! We’ve just had two months of hot, dry, dusty weather. Everything was wilting, farmers were complaining and my garden was on

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