Category: African Animals

Finding lemurs & leeches in the Madagascar jungles

Tigers in Kenya: yes or no?! Find out.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And welcome to the family, baby Echo. He’s a 2-month-old Great Dane who has stolen our hearts (and possibly my slippers). Click on the photos for close-ups, then scroll down the page for more news. In other …

Baby pics! (+ Happy New 2019) Read More »

A gecko took up refuge in my running shoe the other day. I didn’t know this until AFTER I started putting on the shoe. As I stuffed my foot in, I felt a rubbery item under my toes and naturally …

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Some time ago, I posted the Top 9 Deadliest African (non-human) Animals, based on the likelihood of surviving a hostile encounter with one. As a re-cap, they were in increasing order of lethal capacity: Cape Buffalo, Puff Adder, Lion, Great …

9 Deadliest Supernatural African Beasties Read More »

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