a Japanese teapot + a dead bride = what?!

During this year’s annual migration to North America, I bought a Japanese teapot. It’s been a dream of mine to buy one, and now I have! It’s made of cast iron with an oxide green coloring, and has two delightful cups to go with it. I love it.

I’m not the only one who does. Miss Knight adores teapots of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. As some of you know, the intrepid paranormal investigator has opened her very own tea shop in colonial Nairobi. She’s determined to move on with her new career. All goes well until a dead bride shows up amongst the teapots. How terribly inconsiderate.

I’m super excited to let you know that we (finally) have a launch date for “Murder for Tea“, the first book in the Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery series. Get ready to make a pot of tea and re-enter the world of African mythology, Victorian etiquette, colonial intrigue and, of course, ridiculous amounts of tea.

Assuming we don’t have a zombie apocalypse (always a possibility), a meltdown of the Internet (I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet) or any other inconveniences, “Murder for Tea” will be available at all the usual online stores on 19 July 2017.

Cheers, and Long Live Tea.

PS: The Book Blurb is below.

Murder is brewing: While Beatrice Knight Timmons is part witch, the only thing she’s interested in nowadays is tea, and copious amounts of it. But that isn’t the only thing boiling in her life. No sooner does she open her very own tea shop in the small town of Nairobi, someone with a vendetta against young brides murders one and leaves the body in The Cozy Tea Shoppe. With her best friend’s wedding only weeks away, can Miss Knight stop the murderer while babysitting a monkey and serving difficult customers?

This is the first case in the “Cozy Tea Shoppe Mystery” series, where Jane Austen meets Lara Croft in colonial Africa. Tea isn’t the only thing that’s brewing in the delicious sequel to the “Society for Paranormals” series. Join supernatural detective Miss Knight as she attempts to keep the kettle hot and her customers satisfied (or at least alive) while dodging murder, mayhem and other inconveniences. Serving tea has never been more dangerous.


25 comments on “a Japanese teapot + a dead bride = what?!
  1. Ann Pyper says:

    Nice pot! Looking forward to reading “Murder for Tea” I love tea and just enjoyed 2 tea parties with my granddaughters

  2. Terry Lang says:

    Very nice teapot! Can’t wait for the new book!

  3. Very nice teapot. I wish I was allowed to have tea parties with my 3 granddaughters. It would be so much fun. I would find cute hats for all of us to wear. Make little sandwiches and little cakes. Dreams!!

  4. Judy Adams-Smith says:

    I am really looking forward to the further adventures of Beatrice!

  5. Carolyn Cook says:

    I also love tea and your books, and looking forward to your new book.

  6. douglas says:

    Nice and it will be used quite a bit I hope and i am waiting on the book as well!

  7. Kathy Whalen says:

    As a collector of teapots I am impressed by your choice. It’s beautiful !! Looking forward to the tea series.

  8. Andrea Stoeckel says:

    What a wonderful teapot and I am so looking forward to the book

  9. Michael Miles says:

    Finally! I’ve been preparing myself for this blessed event by drinking copious amounts of tea and pretending our current heat wave here in sunny Southern California as transported me to Nairobi. Certainly there are enough psychic and psychedelic beings here to populate a small zoo all of which I have managed to avoid because of my personal addiction to tea. Yes, I know, I need help and I believe your next book is my only hope. My cup is out, the the brew is stewing and my eyes are brimming with tears of hope.

  10. Aramanth Dawe says:

    I’m a collector of teapots and I love your new one. I’m looking forward to the continuing adventures of Beatrice. My BFF is staying with me right now – she and I have been friends for over 30 years, even though for 25 of them we have lived in different states. We are going through pot after pot of a delicious local Dark Chocolate and Black Tea blend.

  11. Heather R. says:

    Pretty teapot! The new spinoff series sounds awesome. I need to catch up reading the existing series. I loved the Ghosts of Tsavo audiobook.

  12. Ann Hixon says:

    How wonderful to read of Beatrice again and of course tea is involved with her……..what else? I have read every book written about how and why Beatrice ended up in Nairibi and I cannot get enough of her stories…………….please lots more to come ?

  13. Diane Rapp says:

    Love the cover and the theme on your banner “Jane Austen meets Lara Croft”. Very clever, as always.

  14. Donna M says:

    Hi. I love the new tea pot and your books. I’m looking forward to the new one. Thanks

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