Here’s what makes me shudder!

ASpider Kindle coverHaving lived in Nairobi for 16 years, I figure I’m fairly acclimatized and acculturated. So imagine my response when a monkey climbed through my office window, grabbed my apple and sat on my desk to eat it.

Was I as nonchalant as Miss Knight? Cool as the top of Mt Kenya? Calm as a lion at noon?

Not exactly. The moment I saw the fleabag preparing to pounce on a defenseless apple, I leaped to my feet, shrieked and flapped my arms. My work colleagues stood at a safe distance and laughed. Unapologetic, the monkey departed with my snack in hand.

Needless to say, I have since kept my windows closed and my food locked away.

I can understand that for many people (perhaps even you), monkeys evoke a warm-and-cuddly feeling. Maybe I should reserve my arm flapping and eye shuddering for the elephant-sized spider I’m about to launch into the world next week.

Speaking of which, and in celebration of the approaching release of A Spider Comes Calling, I will be slashing the price of the 4-book Society boxset from $5.99 to 99c! That’s one crazy deal!

Now, I don’t put my books on sale very often. I figure my books are already well priced. But the stars have aligned, some bones were tossed, a goat was sacrificed, and a monkey stole my apple.

So… middle of next week, I’ll be sending you an email with the purchase links for the 4-in-one boxset. Don’t miss that email, because this insane sale will only be for a few days.

At the end of next week, you’ll receive a couple more emails from me, announcing the release of book 6!!! The book will have a discounted price for the first 2 days, so watch out for my emails.

The reaction of early reviewers has been overwhelmingly positive. It appears none of them could eat or sleep until they finished the book. (That’s a good thing, right?!)

I read the whole book straight through without stopping.

The pace is fast, furious, and filled with unusual creatures.

One of those unusual creatures is on the book cover. Yup, that’s one honking big spider: Anansi, the Trickster God. And he’s coming to a bookstore near you.

In a nutshell (or an apple core): Please forgive me next week when you receive a flurry of emails about the boxset sale and the book launch special. It’s all for a good cause. And at least I’m not sending you monkeys…

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